Kids' Art Supplies

des_arc_ya_yaAugust 14, 2007

DGD and I just spent about 30 minutes going through the GKs' art supply box. It's just a big cardboard box in their bedroom that is filled with paints, glue, brushes, papers, etc. We went through, cleaned out all the old dried up paint and organized all their supplies using ziplock bags. The girls are 7 and 11 and love to have things neat and organized, so they're thrilled to be able to have a way to keep like things together.

(I'm semi pumped from doing this so easily - somebody give me some more inspiration and I'll just go la la today! LOL)

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I like having my kids' art supplies in shallow drawers. I make great use of those Sterilite 3-drawer chests.

congrats on your progress!

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My daughter keeps her 4-year old's art supplies in a 20-pocket shoe organizer hung inside their laundry room door. The lower pockets hold the things he can use more or less unsupervised, and the messy stuff is up high. Seeing it all at a glance makes choosing an activity easy.

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I do what Talley Sue does, the shallow drawers. I think mine are Sterilite, too. I made sure before I bought them that they would pull all the way out easily. So the kids can spread the drawers out where they are working, find items easiy and put it away in a snap. Shallow drawers let them find the 1 silver crayon without dumping out all 200.

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