HELP!!! Exterior trim color help needed!

kled2008August 18, 2012

We have a home under contract that needs trim and window painting as well as shutters added. I would like some shade of warm gray (I think) but am open to suggestions. There are currently stained doors/windows and white doors windows and I'd like to make them all the same. Can anyone suggest paint colors/finishes for our windows, trim and new shutters?

Thanks so much!!

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Hi kled, I really think - especially with such a large lovely structure - that this is a job for a professional designer.

Having gotten that out of the way, I recently replaced all my fascia (and replacing gutters too) which was painted a dark red. It looked okay on my red-orange brick house, but I wanted something lighter colored. I finally chose a sand-tone color.
But, how did I choose?
Well, I took a photo of a wall that was fairly representative, in decent light. And then I looked at it on my computer to see if the colors seemed pretty accurate. Then I loaded the photo into a graphics program and "selected" the red fascia and gutters and experimented with substituting with different colors - via the graphics program.

I'd like to tell you that I'm completely happy with the sand-tone color I ended up with, but the jury is still out on that. But, I think I'll like it (Once I get all the gutters & downspouts installed and trim painted).

There are so many ways to go with color - really hard to advise someone else.

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Why are you adding shutters? It doesn't look like it needs them and some of the windows don't have enough room for proper shutters.

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dekeoboe, you are right...most of the windows on this side of the home do not have room for shutters. It's actually the front of the house that would get them. I'll try to post a photo soon!

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Beautiful home!! I was going to say, I kind of like it as is! But if I were to put shutters on, I would keep the white trim and add black shutters. Add some window boxes with deep red geraniums and some trailing white flowers and it would look stunning!!

My other two ideas were a sandy/tan trim color with deep barn red shutters.

I am no designer by any means, though! I just Googled "Old Stone House Shutters" and flipped through the images...some good inspiration on there! An old stone home in Georgetown has a creamy/sandy trim and matching shutters on a similar stone facade and it looks lovely as well!

Good luck!

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Ooh...almost forgot! Have you been to You can type in any key words and see BEAUTIFULLY designed homes (most by actual designers).

I typed in "stone house shutters" and I think there were 19,000 images or something!

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