Clawfoot tub shower curtain dilema solved

mrsd1957August 5, 2007

I love the clawfoot but the little shower curtain enclosure was claustrophobic. While cleaning out the house we found several metal portable clothes racks, you know the ones you buy at Wally World cuz you don't have enough closets. My DH, while dismantling them decided to see if he could fabricate something. They have the perfect curves and lengths of pipe. He moved the original ceiling hanging fixture to the end of the tub, attached the two front corners (shower head end) to the wall/ceiling (bathroom has angled wall/ceiling), and moved the height up to accommodate our 6'5" son. The shower curtain enclosure is now slightly bigger than the size of the tub and the 3 curtains flow perfectly into it. Of course, now I'm not aloud to dispose of anything before checking with him. Never know what he can fabricate out of it.

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Fantastic!!! I am so glad that you were able to figure out such a creative solution!! Sounds perfect! Can you post a picture?

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I second the request for a picture. DS has one and sure could use some extra room.

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sorry I don't have a camera to post pics with. He just layed the pieces out on the floor until they looked like they would fit and then attached them to each other. The original ceiling mount was moved further towards the end of the tub and shortened in length. He attached the faucet end right to the wall because that wall is angled and it just fit. I would think modifications are possible depending where the tub sits near walls.

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I'll one up the last person...heres a video of what i did.

Here is a link that might be useful: youtube: clawfoot tub solution

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