Wendy's Premium Fish.. not impressed

cate52February 18, 2013

with it this year... can't remember if I had one last year... but it's not as good.. and hubby had same opinion.
I sent an email to Wendy's asking if the receipe had changed in the last couple of years... Will update if I hear back from them.

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"Not impressed" doesn't really tell us anything. What don't you like, what did you expect, what did you like about it before?

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I think it's just OK -- if they cook them long enough. A few I've had seemed undercooked (they were drive-thru purchases, so I couldn't really take the time to go back).

On the road, if I need a quick bite (like when I'm getting the 'hunger headache'), McDonald's fish sandwich fills that need just as well and a bit cheaper.

The Wendy's sandwich is different than the old ones -- the panko breading and the bun, and maybe the tartar sauce. Wikipedia says that the McDonald's version is made "mostly of pollock."

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