Replacement louvered shutters?

sarahandbrayAugust 19, 2012

Does anyone know of a good website to purchase reproduction louvered shutters, preferably with that vertical center stile?



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Hi Sarah,

We never actually ordered from this site, so please don't take this as an endorsement. We found them when we were looking for inspiration and built our own. But here is the link. I hope it helps.

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Depending on how many you need (and sizes, of course) you might try Historic Albany's Old House Parts Warehouse on Lexington Ave., turn north off of Central Ave. (Open later in the week and on Saturday.) They have a mezzanine where they keep old shutters of many sizes. Occasionally I've found what I need up there. Plus it's a hoot to poke around in the rest of the place. (Wear old clothes and bring a big car or truck as there's always stuff you didn't know you absolutely need before you saw it.)



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Thanks so much!!
I was thinking of the old parts warehouse...and I will look there before I order anything, for sure! Our problem is that there are SO many windows that had shutters on the original pictures we have--46 total windows in this house and 31 had shutters!! I'm sure it will be hard to find 62 shutters--but at least they look pretty common. Louvered, center stile and one of those vertical rods down the center.
There's also a (kind of odd) religious group that runs a historic home salvage company out of Scranton, PA that always has a ton of stuff like this. I'll have to find the name again--but I had a friend that worked for them and they saved all of this kind of stuff.

I need a few black, round door knobs anyway...might just borrow my husband's truck and take a little field trip to downtown Albany! ;)

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We ordered some replacements for a job this summer from Shuttercraft, they had the best price of the shops which were willing to customize (wider bottom rails, etc.)

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Well, I can tell you what shutters I WON'T be getting...
After poking around on the Internet, I came across Timberlane...but there were no prices on the website (bad sign, right?). I e-mailed the company with the dimensions of my most common window--would need 15" wide by 67" tall shutters. Cost? $575 per pair!!!! Times 31 pairs????


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I know about those pricey mail-order shutters. I need replacment shutters for the cupola of my big threshing barn. Those shutters are 36" wide and 5 feet high, with moveable louvers. (That's what the spindle on the back is for - to adjust the louvers. In many cases it's been painted over and now appears to be fixed.) Four shutters were almost five grand! Unfinished!

I am planning to mend the old ones now. The frames are pretty much OK, but I need a gazilion louvers.

The Historic Albany warehouse usually has lots of door knobs. (You need to to know the correct spindle length, before you buy - take exemplars, if possible.) If not try the the shops in the "antique district" in Troy - near the former town hall on River Street. There is also a largish sort of old-stuff shop/antique shop near the Miss Albany diner in Albany. They have door knobs as well, but they may be pricier. I can't recall the name, but if you'd like it - ask and I'll winkle it out of my brain.


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