Is this a kit house?

arlosmomAugust 9, 2010

We were in a sad but beautiful house over the weekend that's currently on the market (a good friend is looking; we're definitely not). They say it was built in 1923 by he current owner's grandfather, so this is the first time it's ever been sold. That amazes me. There are three or four almost identical houses within a couple of blocks of this one (they said two of them were built by the same grandfather), which led me to believe that it might be a kit. I spent a couple of hours yesterday on the internet looking at Sears, Aladin and Gordon Van Tyne info for the years around 1923, but didn't see anything very similar. The two sets of triple windows on the second floor seem very unusual.

Does anybody recognize this house? Or have suggestions for good internet research sites? I'm just really intrigued and curious...thanks!!

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Kit houses typically have numbered pieces. If you dig around in the basement or attic you should be able to see the numbers on the exposed wood.
Rosemary Thornton has a good book out about kit houses.
She use to post here occasionally, maybe she'll see this and have more to add.

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Thanks Carol. I didn't see any sign of numbering on the few beams that I could see. I won't get another chance to dig around either because my friends found the condition of the house to be way more work than they can take on. I hope it gets a good owner -- despite horrible water damage, it has the bones of an amazing house.

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There isn't an easy answer to this one. Let me pull out my books and do some research and I'll respond to this in a day or two. In short, it's not a design I readily recognize, and I have about 500 designs safely stashed in my head.

If it is a kit house, it's one I haven't seen very often.

I'll respond to this soon. Promise. :)

Here is a link that might be useful: Sears Homes info

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Yea! Rosemary, I'm glad you saw this post. Thanks for taking a look.

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