Too many cleaning supplies

bronwynsmomAugust 3, 2008

I am trying to streamline my product use, and become natural and organic wherever I can...

So let's talk about how to get rid of all the half- and quarter- usued cleaning supplies we want or need to dispose of...many of them are HazMats when just pitched out, and not all of us live where our localities offer HazMat disposal days.

One way I found to dispose of them when we moved was through my church. The youth group does Habitat projects, and also volunteers to help people in the community clean up and repair their houses, so they were thrilled to have a box of cleaning stuff.

What about local shelters, and animal rescue places? Might they be interested in such things?

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I voilunteer at an animal shelter. The paid employees are always washing the floors. They would appreciate any cleaning supplies.

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Oh boy...this topic hits home to me so I thought I'd post.

You could take them to work, put them in the break room and write "free" on them.

Actually, in the interest of saving your money and becoming more natural, I personally believe using up what you have and replacing that product with another natural version as you go is the most efficient in the long run...unless you or family members are having reactions to the current products and it's crucial to get them out of the house ASAP.

Now, my confession...Many years ago, I had a fascination with cleaning products. I was enticed by the new and different fragrances, and never-ending selection of different products for different purposes, the colorful packaging. I loved it all! I was over-run with a huge stash. I was not, nor am I now a products were just my thing.

I decided I was tired of looking at it all and not being able to reach something under the sink without clearing out a path. I just committed to picking out 1 type of cleaner and using it until it was gone. That's what I did. The satisfaction of throwing away a used bottle & regaining the small space was just as satisfying as buying new stuff.

I have also gone to using eco-friendly's been a few years now...and I just laugh at my past obsession with cleaning stuff. I can hardly stand the smell of that stuff now...AND, the underside of my sink has more space than I will ever need.

Hope you find your best solution, and I'm curious what others have to say.

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gayle, I'd be interested in learning what natural products you use as I'm always trying to find that natural product that will actually do the job it was intended. Thanks

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I try to use up the cleaners that I have. I place the new cleaners that aren't open in my pantry on the top shelf and keep the stuff I am using in the cabinet in the laundry room.

What I did with other stuff in the garage that I don't really use and can't throw away I put on freecycle. I had paint thinner and different things for roses, etc. that aren't needed and I figure someone will use it.

We can only dispose of that stuff once a year and they don't seem to advertise.

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This reminds me of the time I brought some objects from home to work, set them on a rable in the break room and wrote a sign "Free". I had gone on a cleaning binge in my apartment and these were things I no longer wanted/used/loved, yet I wanted someone to have them. Everybody took things, except for one candy dish. It was an ugly painted china dish with flowers on it. One co-worker picked it up and said "This is so pretty to throw out." Then i remembered-she had given me that dish as a wedding gift four years earlier! Was I embarassed!

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If you have surplus cleaning products that you aren't going to use why not take them to a local food pantry distribution point and give them away? A cardboard box with the stuff in it marked "help yourself" will fly out the door. And it really helps people stretch their budgets.

I'm a detergent fiend so I wind up trying almost everything that comes down the pike. That's how I pass on the opened bottles/boxes after I've tried them out.


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I agree with the other folks, I'd use up the old stuff first. However, if you'd like to donate, check to see if there are assisted living facilities in your area. There might be elderly or handicapped individuals who would be grateful for anything. My mom lives in such a facility in Texas, and I've given lots of things to these folks -- many are on government assistance and have little.

Here is a link that might be useful: Straighten-Up-Now organizing

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Good ideas, all.

I have some mild allergies and sensitivities, and I do much better with "cleaner" products.
Here's what I use most of the time...and let me say that I have the great luxury of some weekly help, so I don't have to do it all the time myself, but I'm finding that I do a lot more now, because these things make it almost a pleasure, and a lot easier.
For general cleaning, Simple Green, which I buy concentrated, and dilute at two different strengths. I keep a small spray bottle under each bath sink, and one in the kitchen.
For glass and stainless surfaces, I mix a few drops of oil-based soap and some white vinegar in water, and keep it in a spray bottle...I use it with one damp and one dry microfiber cloth, and my windows and mirrors and stainless appliances are a breeze to clean this way. No more smelly blue stuff!
I use either Meyers or Bon Ami scouring powder, and Meyers laundry detergent (but I keep a regular brand around for grease spots).
I use Bona and a microfiber mop pad for the hardwood floors.
I can't seem to give up my Dawn for dishes, however....
And I clean my good furniture with a barely damp microfiber cloth, followed by a dry one, and I wax it lightly with AntiquWax about four times a year.
Same for woodwork, and kitchen cabinets, without the waxing. I have found that those damp cloths work so well that I use very little cleaning stuff unless I have to get something specific off something.

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