Height for cleaning sink counter

eleenaFebruary 12, 2013

Do you know what the best ergonomic height is for a cleaning sink counter if it is totally separate from the rest of the counters?

I was told the restaurants use 34" high sink tables. There must be a reason for that?


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Our main prep/ cook counter is just 33.5inches as we are a short family. We actually made the cleaning counter the standard height - 36inches. Even with a farmsink, the sink bottom on the newer sinks are lower as the sinks are often 9-10inches deep. Standard height brings the sink bottom closer to you. If the sink floor is too low as your cabinets are low, then your back might hurt. Also note that the DW is often next to the sink and there is a minimum height requirement there. Even Miele needs 34in cavity I believe and the countertop is on top of that.

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The question isn't how high the counter is, it matters more the height of the bottom of your proposed sink.

You shouldn't have to bend down (or over) to reach stuff on the bottom.

You can set up tables at various heights and raise and lower plastic dishpans until you found the best compromise for your household. Be sure to take into account the distance you need to reach over from the front lip of the counter to the sink if you're not planning on a thin-walled apron front-front style sink.

Once you know the floor-of-sink-height, then you can calculate the counter height by knowing the height of the sink walls and any thickness of the counter (if undermounting) and, voila - you've got your counter-top height.

RAised, or lowered, counters will affect your cab boxes, and also need to be considered in realtion to any uppers you have plan - and how any change in the uppers' positions might integrate with other uppers in the kitchen. The uppers are much more noticeable within a kitchen design than variations on lower counters.


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I agree with GWlolo and liriodendron. My new counter is at 36", and my undermount sink is 8", so it's over 9" to the bottom. My 6' DS complained the first time he did dishes about how far down he had to reach. I'm only 5'3", but even I noticed the difference in the deeper sink. So I wouldn't make that counter lower, maybe higher!

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