Decluttering Christmas

crazykwilterAugust 10, 2007

I'm a lurker coming out of the closet, well ok, coming out of the storage shed... LOL

DH and I are in the process of moving and radically downsizing. So we got ruthless and got rid of TONS of Christmas decor.

1-I had a village that had taken over the house and I was tired of it. It weighed me down and I never wanted to put it up for the last few years. It's outta here!

I did save the quilt shop since I am a fabric nut (that's a whole other declutter session!)

2-DH had a collection of Nativity sets. He saved 2 and I saved 1.

3-I saved 1 nutcracker out of a collection of 12.

Both DDs had their chance to rescue anything they wanted, which wasn't much. We had passed some decor on to them for the last few years, so they could start their adult lives with something, instead of nothing as DH and I did.

Now its just what we really love and I feel so much lighter. I'm free! I'm free!

It all out in the driveway and the charity truck should be coming soon. It's a win-win situation!

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Good for you! That is an area that I have not tackled. I think I will wait till Christmas and see what I put out but I have far more than I need or want.

Congrates on lightening the load!!


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And what's extra neat--all those items will be in the thrift store BEFORE Christmas, and people who want them, will find them at the time they'd normally be shopping for them. You'll save them money, and the charity will be more likely to turn them into money, because they will SELL.

I bet they normally get Christmas stuff after Christmas, and it sits around for a while.

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You are awesome.

(Consensus on this board seems to be that tackling Christmas stuff is right up there with tackling photos)

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Because we don't have a basement for storage, I have had to store Christmas in the garage in the plastic tubs. I won't add another tub so everytime I buy something then something else has to go. But, I have not yet been able to eliminate a whole tub of Christmas which would be a goal.

I do hope when the kids get places of their own I can hand down some of the memories. I will be dissappointed if they don't value the memories enough to take some of the items that the family has collected.

Good for you for separating the "stuff" and holding on to the memories. I hope to be there soon.

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I agree with Celtic but think Xmas stuff is worse than pictures. It takes up more room and I can always think of a reason to keep every item. (Not a good reason but good enough...) I bet you've just made other people's Christmas's merrier when they come across your treasures at Goodwill.

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