Broom/ Mop storage

Nancy AdamopoulosAugust 14, 2009

For those of you without a broom closet, how do you store your brooms and mops? I'm hoping for some over-the-door(don't want to drill into our cherry doors) and wall mounted solutions as well. I don't want to use our garage. Any creative solutions out there?



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Nothing creative here, ha ha! We just use one of the wall-mounted racks that works with a roller, sort of like this one

Plus a couple of hooks for things with holes (dustpan, etc), and a shelf for items that don't hang (extra mop head covers, vacuum bags, box of rags, cleaners etc). I don't technically have a broom closet, but when we remodelled the kitchen I made sure to designate one section of pantry-style cabinets for these tools.

It's a silly thing, but putting thought into this and making a cleaning supplies storage setup that works for me really made a difference. Sort of like I was respecting it for the important work it really is, that it was worth putting a little bit of time/money into.

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I bought a couple of the old-fashioned coat hooks and screwed them into the wall in the stairwell going down to the basement. That stairwell is right off my kitchen, so it's right where I need it. I just have to reach around a corner. It's out of public view and they are off the floor so they are not falling and leaning on themselves.

I started off propping everything into the corner gap between my refrigerator and wall, but that got awkward with everything leaning/falling too far back into the crevice.

I agree with embees...put a little thought, effort, and money into it and it will reward you.

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Nancy Adamopoulos

Thanks for the suggestions...

gayle-I like the stairwell to the basement idea! We just built this house 1.5 years ago and I wish i had thought about a broom closet! Now the brooms and mops sit in the front of the awkwardly shaped pantry and are always falling over... I thought about the garage, but I'm afraid they would get too dusty and they would be too far from the kitchen.

embees- where did you find that rack pictured?

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Sorry I'm just checking back in!

The rack pictured was from (clickable link to it).

Honestly, unless you need something really unusual, it's probably not worth the cost of shipping to order it. Most stores that carry cleaning supplies have something similar - I don't know what is around you, but I've also seen them at Target, Lowe's, Home Depot, etc. Sometimes they're by the mops/brooms, other times they're in with the home organization supplies (shelves, plastic storage bins, etc). They come in different sizes, so you can choose one that fits your space (width-wise) and has enough holders for your needs.

(Gayle - before we redid our kitchen, I also used coathooks on the basement stairs! Great minds and all that, ha ha!)

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I have a rack like embees. It's on a wall in my water heater closet. The mop dries out really fast in there.

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I needed storage for those, the vacum cleaner, and cleaning supplies. They were all in the basement, except the vacum, and I tended not to go get them.
Now we need the basement area for something else. We had 2 white bookcase cabinets with glass doors in the upper part for display. We bought 2 narrow pax wardrobes with solid doors from Ikea, and placed them between the bookcases. They all just fit on the wall of the breakfast area off the kitchen. The bookcases are white, and we bought the wardrobes in a contrasting oak finish.
The vacum sits on the floor of one of the new cabinets, with cleaning supplies on the 5 shelves above, and the bucket, mop, and broom hang from "command" hooks in the other, with 5 shelves above holding sodas.
I have found already (we just did this 3 weeks ago) that I am much more likely to get out the mop instead of cleaning with a paper towel, and I always know where the vacum is, instead of looking for it in some corner near where I last vacummed.

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