Favorite Organizational Products

chrisdocAugust 15, 2008

I'm curious to know what everyone's favorite products are. And I thought others might be curious to know what works for me.

So here are some of my favorite organizational products:

These home depot shelves are strudy and only cost $40. They are great for basement storage of everything. I use the 18" wide version.

These staples boxes are also great for storage. In the store I got a 6 pk of them for $9. I use them by themselves and in combination w/ the shelves. They are reasonably inexpensive and they even give a space to document what belongs inside them.

I just got this for my wife for her birthday and she loves this.

I'm looking for an inexpensive way to organize a closet. I was going to do the ClosetMaid ShelfTrack thing but that will be over $100. I think I'm just going to end up putting in wire shelves w/ a pole for support.

Has anyone found a more inexpensive closet organizer?

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I don't have suggestions for inexpensive closet organizers...but I want to tell you how lucky your wife is to have a partner who contributes/leads the way in organizing the home.

We call my DH the "house guest" as he acts like he lives in a hotel with daily maid service and little to no interest in how things look or are organized. Good thing he is one very special human being!

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chrisdoc...I would love to see your organizers, but for some reason I am only getting a red X !

As mustangs said...you have one lucky wife! Let her know that I said so & keep up the good work.

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I always tell my hub that my NEXT husband is going to love doing things around the house. He thinks he lives with the good fairy, that things are just magically taken care of, or that they don't need doing at all.

I'm only getting the X, too. Why don't you and your lucky wife go out to lunch today? That's what hub and I would do.

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The pictures are just of products from from their respective web site.

I wish I could help you w/ the red X issue but this is only the 2nd time I've ever posted pictures on a forum so I wouldn't know where to begin to troubleshoot. If someone has suggestions, I'd like to hear them.

We just moved to a larger house (I think we actually doubled our finished square footage available). Our other house was so small we had no choice but to be extremely organized. Now that I have taken that attitude to our new house we have tons of open space. I am actually trying to find things to put in our open space LOL. I told my son that tonight we could set up his train sets in the basement and leave them set up for him to play with whenever he wants. I barely had enough room to set them up knowing I was going to take them down in our old house. Now we can leave them set up indefinately!

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Right click on the "X" for a drop down menu then select "view image".

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I couldn't see them. Maybe you could just post the link, and we could click there?

(here's how I get pics to show up: First I right-click on the image on the company's website, and choose "save picture as..." and stash it in a "Temp" file on my desktop. Then I go to www.TinyPic.com and click "choose photo" and then upload the photo, and then copy and paste the URL they give me into the post)

Here's the newest discovery, for toothbrushes:

Here's the manufacturer's website; they make it in several colors, but I've only found the red&blue packs

But the manufacturer sells a more grown-up-looking version

and it comes in cute animal shapes

They make a razor holder, too.

Both of them really stay up! And they're both a great space-saver in my tiny bathrooms.

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when I right clicked I got "show picture" as an option, but the picture never showed.

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Is this any better?



spice-rack'>Spice Rack

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Yay! I can see the pictures now Chrisdoc. I love the spice storage unit. I bet your wife does too.

As for your closet needs we tried the coated wire stuff first since we'd just moved into a home that we did much of the work on and left that for after we moved in. A few month later it ripped out of the wall and fell to the floor. We followed the instructions to the T. Sometimes added more anchors then called for just to be safe. If you'd like I can give you details of how to build your own out of plywood or MDF that will be much sturdier and look oh so much better than the wire ones. In my opinion anyway. But then we are wood lovers.
Here's a picture of one side of ours just before it was completely finished or dusted. (shameful)

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Chrisdoc, you definitely do have one lucky wife. Where is the spice rack from? I've never seen one like that.

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I use two hanging canvas shoe bags to keep my shoes off the floor and in easy visual range AND as a divider to separate tops, bottoms, and jackets into their own sections along the closet rail.
When I get a new pair of shoes, I toss a worn pair to make room.


Here is a link that might be useful: Canvas Hanging Shoe Bag

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Canvas shoe bag/divider

Here it is :)

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I've tried to explain to my wife how lucky she is to have me several times. She doesn't buy it (LOL).

The spice rack is from Target. But you can only order it online (they don't sell it in stores). Since I shop the day before I need something it caused me a bit of a problem.

justgotabeme: That closet organizer looks great! But if I had to build something like that myself I don't think it would be done before my 4 yr old graduates college.

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Thank you Chrisdoc. It was really very easy to do. I drew up the planes myself on graph paper using basic closet dimensions adding a few of my own ideas for the corners and shoe shelves. You can even have most, if not all, of the pieces cut at Home depot for you. If they're not busy our guys will cut as many pieces as you need. This type of closet is really nothing more than a glorified old fashioned closet that all homes had when I was growing up in the sixties and seventies. And believe it or not, but it was easier to install than the wire coated system we did first. The prep time was longer because I stained and pollied, but if you painted the MDF that could cut your prep time to a third at the most.
What size is you closet? Is it a walk in?

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