Lost Keys and Sick Dog

jannieAugust 21, 2011

Sometime in the last week I misplaced my house keys. They have no identification on them, and my car keys are separate, so if a burglar found them I'm safe. I've looked everywhere in the house, in my car, in pockets of every jacket I own. Still hunting.

My dog had a wart on her head I've been watching for six months. Vet looked at it long ago and said, just leave it alone, we'll take it off if necessary. This week it suddenly looked larger and the dog ( a beautiful 8 year old purebred Wheaten Terrier female named "Molly" ) started sleeping more than usual and didn't seem interested in going out to play. Hubby and I were worried, so we took her to our Vet who examined her. Said the thing on her head looks like a "papilloma" wart, but the dog's insides felt "doughy", and she couldn't feel her organs, like stomach, intestines, kidneys, liver. Blood test revealed high white cell count but everything else normal. Vet said it could be a viral infection, or possible cancer. So we started Molly on some antibiotics. She's still eating ,drinking pooping and peeing like normal. But she's awful quiet.

Please cross your fingers that I find my keys, but more important that our fur baby recovers.

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This probably doesn't belong in "Organizing". I meant to post on Kitchen Table. Boy am I "DISorganized".

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Jannie, I'm sorry about your keys, but I am really worried about your dog. Can you please take her to a different vet for a second opinion? This does not sound right. My thoughts are with you.

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I'll do that, Colorcrazy.

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