Ikea Pax wardrobe - which size to buy?

celeste63August 23, 2010

Hi, I would appreciate any advice! I am thinking about buying an Ikea Pax wardrobe. (I have just moved into a newly renovated house, in Belgium, where there are no built-in closets, and all our clothes are in boxes or hanging on racks.) My bedroom measures 314cm wide by 360cm long. The Pax would go on the 314cm wall opposite the bed. Should I get a 300cm-wide one so as to make maximum use of the space? Or would that be too massive, squat and overwhelming? I would order the 201cm height (not 236, which would barely fit under the ceiling). It would cover most of the lovely apple-green wall. (The wall behind the bed is also green, the side walls are white, but I was thinking that if some of the doors of the Pax were mirrored, it woudl reflect the green from the bed wall.) There would be abouta meter of space between the end of the bed and the wardrobe. I'm thinking normal hinged doors instead of sliding ones, which I've had trouble with before. Any opinions about how to organize the inside of the wardrobe? I had one in a rented house that included the trouser hangers and wire "drawers" and know I don't want those. I'm thinking just hanging bars, with one area for shirts, another for longer clothes like dresses, and solid drawers, and a shoe rack. Thank you for your input!

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Whether it looks crowded or not depends on what else you would have in the room. If you only have a couple of small nightstands, the bed and the wardrobe it wouldn't look crowded at all. I think if it were me I would go for the bigger one that covers the entire wall and put everything in there, rather than bring in a lot of other furniture.

One way to visualize how it would look is to measure off the 68 CM. that would be taken up by the depth of the wardrobe and put tape on the floor. Now imagine a wall there--that is how it would look with the wardrobe.

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My two cents on IKEA wardrobes: In your concern about width, don't overlook the height! We bought two of these for our apartment in Switzerland. The height of our room was greater than the height of the wardrobes but we failed to take into account the assembly of the units. After they were built on their backs on the floor, they were too tall (in the hypotenuse) to tilt up to standing. The store assemblers were great (since we bought an entire 3-bedroom apartment full of furniture in one swipe.) They told me which units WOULD fit, dismantled the PAX units, returned them and brought them back the next day. I don't remember the name of the shorter units, but thank goodness they were available. Like you, there were no bedroom closets in this brand new apartment.

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For my benefit and sharing with others who are metric-challenged:

314cm wide by 360cm long = a room about 10 x 12 feet.
The Pax unit is 9'11" wide by about 6.5 feet high.

You don't mention the depth, but honestly, I don't think you will gain any visual space by getting a smaller size.

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Thank you for your comments, everyone! I should have put the measurements in non-metric as well, and that's a good point about raising them into position after assembly (I'm also going to let the Ikea guys do it, I figure they can do it much faster and better). I hope the bed doesn't have to be moved out of the room first! The depth is 58 cm or about 28 inches.

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