Same old problem, need new solution

marie26August 15, 2006

My walk-in bedroom closet has been in complete disarray since DH decided to go through all of his boxed-up things.

My new thought is to buy one or two 3-drawer heavy duty Rubbermaid type plastic tool chests and organize into them. Their drawers are quite large. This way, if he's looking for something, all he'll have to do is open a drawer instead of a box.

The mess doesn't bother DH at all but I can't live with it anymore. Unfortunately, I can't lock him in the closet and make him clean it if he wants supper.

So, do you think I should purchase these drawers?

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How easy will it be for YOU to throw all of the stuff in the drawers. Since we all know your DH, we all know you'll be the one throwing the stuff back in the drawers. LOL Sorry to pick on you marie. I just couldn't resist!

Why not just pile his stuff in a couple of laundry baskets? Much cheaper and he can rummage around in them. You can dump the stuff back in and pile a couple of the baskets on top of each other and shove in the closet.


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I went for drawers in several places in my home because I wanted to be able to get to the stuff on the bottom without first taking all the stuff off the top.

I didn't leave it out the way your DH does, when I had stacking bins, but I sure hated all the work of putting things back together. And I love that I can open the drawer w/ one hand, put the stuff in w/ the other, and close the drawer (3 steps, compared with taking off the boxes, taking off the lid, picking up the item, putting it in, putting on the lid, and restacking the boxes--6 steps)

There's an organizing maxim that says, "make it easy to put away, even if it means it's hard to get it out." That's why I switched to drawers in all those places--it's one-handed putting-stuff-away.

One note: I have those Sterilite drawers, and they don't safely stack more than 3 high--*maybe* 4 high if the stuff on the top is lightweight.. The weight of the ones on the top make the sides of the lower ones start to bow, and then it's hard to open them. This is a bit less of a problem in the shoe-box size (partly because the sides are shorter and therefore stronger, and because the drawers can't hold as much--but it's a definite problem w/ the next size up, and I'd think it would be worse the larger you go.

I've thought of putting a wooden shelf (either attached to the wall or w/ legs) to fall just above the third layer, to support the upper two rows, thereby relieving the lower 3 of the pressure. But I'm too lazy.

And I think it's time you started making your DH help w/ his OWN mess! I'm serious; this isn't good for him! And, you will just end up throwing even more money away on storage products he doesn't use unless he gets with the program.

Sure, buy those multi-drawer storage chests. Then make HIM help you fill them up--ask HIM how to organize them, what should go w/ where, which things he gets out most often, etc. And if he leaves something out, give him 15 minutes to put it away after you remind him once. Then throw it away.

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I bought clear stacking bins at Target,piled four together and use them for miscellaneous storage. The top has pens,stamps, self-addressed labels. The second has more paper supplies, pads of paper, post-its,etc. The third has wrapping paper and tape. The bottom is used to store old tax returns, and boxes of checks for our two bank accounts. It's nice that they're clear,so you can see the contents without having to open the drawers. This "cabinet" has simplified my household storage immensely. Your DH could use a set of drawers for his own personal storage.

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When my husband was in Peru I immediately went through all of his old tshirts, shirts, etc. and culled. Now whats left is neatly folded and seems to be staying that way. The major problem with guys is that they get attached to that tshirt they got when they were enjoying Woodstock and cannot bear to throw it away no matter what shape its in. That may mean they are similarly attached to us no matter what shape we are in.
So I am happy to get things organized, and that includes throwing away socks with holes; underwear that would shock an ER intern; removing the extra hangers from his shirt rack. The shirts he uses go to the left and eventually whats on the right of the closet disappears into the 4th dimension. Less stuff is the road to neatness, and it is a lot more fun throwing somebody else's stuff out. Wish it was that easy in my closet. Altho I have started wearing a different pair of shoes each day. If they hurt--out they go. If I don't want to wear them out of the house(and they aren't bunny slippers) out they go.
I have recently started urging DH to do the same. That way when we move back to the castle we won't be needing serfs, as we will have much less stuff and more space.

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I have a similar problem. Through the week, DH wants to live out of laundry baskets sitting right in the middle of the living room. I appreciate that he doesn't want to be rummaging around in the bedroom an hour before I need to get up, but the dressing station on first floor is driving me nuts.
We do have a large, empty closet in our first floor bathroom. I'm thinking about getting some kind of storage solution for that closet and keeping his often-worn work clothes in there. They need to be out of sight somehow!
Any comments/suggestions? Thanks.

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The stacking bins are great for so many things. They won't help with your messy DH problem, but just yesterday I discovered that disposable baking pans sit nicely inside the smaller bins, making it easy to create layers of like things in one bin, without having to unpack the whole box to get to the bottom.


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Brenda, I think that's an excellent idea.

Generally I think it's a bad idea for a person to get rid of a spouse's stuff. Been there, done that & regretted it. But holey socks & underwear is definitely a different story!

Love the idea of wearing the different pair of shoes each day! Our moving date is a month or 2 away, and I need to get serious about culling my own stuff, then maybe I can help with DH's things. Although today I'm such a nervous wreck about the house, I barely trust my own judgement on anything.

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