Do egg whites go bad?

althetrainerSeptember 24, 2009

I was making myself an egg-white omelette this morning but after eating I got busy and forgot to put the carton of egg whites back in the fridge. When I remembered it was a few hours later. I looked inside the carton it looked fine and there's no smell. Do egg whites go bad in room temperature? How do I know if it's bad?

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Yep they do....but in 3 or 4 hours at not 90 degree temp you likely are fine.
Egg whites will smell...and maybe get watery or thick if they haven't been covered well.

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Thanks Linda! Today was a hot day but don't think it was up to 90F in the house. So far the egg whites look fine and smell fine. I will check it again tomorrow before using it. If it doesn't smell or look right, it will go right into the garbage.

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I agree, they're fine. Even opened and on the counter they aren't going to spoil in that amount of time.

Of course, the food police are going to disagree, they say only 2-4 days refrigerated and they have to go.

Now, are these fresh egg whites or those "egg beater" kind of things? I only know about fresh eggs, I never touch the other stuff, it very well could be treated in some way that preserves it for longer periods of time.


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Annie, it's the egg whites from a carton. Just checked it again and it looked fine. You're probably right about the egg whites being treated. Think I am going to give it a try tomorrow morning.

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