Haunted/Weird Feelings

krycek1984August 16, 2010

This seems like the perfect place to bring up...haunted houses! Because most of the time, it's old houses that are haunted, not new ones. And not only are they haunted, but they give off "weird" or "bad" vibes sometimes, especially to people who are sensitive.

I'm not sure about our old house. The original part was built around the civil war and there had been several add-ons. It had been in the family, and the Grandmother was the last one to live there, and then we moved in. We still have the house, and are debating tearing it down, remodeling, building a new house, etc.

Anyhoo, my partner always thought it was haunted. A couple times he woke up and there was a "figure" standing above him while he was in bed. He would also scream in his sleep sometimes. He also said he saw "spirits", but he never would elaborate. I'm not a huge ghost person, but there were a lot of woods out there, and I was conVINCED there were aliens out there!!!!!

And in any event, both of us just had weird/not so good feelings in that house sometimes. It's hard to describe. We got a bad vibe, especially from the older parts of the house. Every once in a while at exactly 230 AM we'd here this scratching in the basement, never did figure it out. I know sometimes when I woke up at night and went to the bathroom I was afraid to leave the bedroom, not sure why.

It's a nice house and all, but the one we're in now has a much better "feel". We don't fight as much, and we seem happier. I feel that there are no spirits or entities or anything unusual here.

What are your guys thoughts/experiences on this? I thought this would be an interesting thread.

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We've had threads like this before, so you certainly aren't an exception. Some people are adamant that it's imagination. Some are just as sure it's not.

The house in which we live now is very friendly and gives off warm feelings of welcome and protection. I know many people have lived and died here as it's been occupied for nearly two centuries and I have even read old newspaper clippings about one child laying in state in our living room. I also have connected to a family who is descended from the original occupants and know that some of his family died here from smallpox. But there are no bad auras here.

I don't even want to talk about two other houses I lived in. One was a very old house in Europe located on the sea. There was seldom a dull moment. And the next was a large old Edwardian......the very next house we lived in. My boyfriend was a 'disbeliever' and he got the cr*p scared out of him. He never would tell us what he saw or experienced, but had come over to visit and let himself in. When I got home he was sitting on the front porch and would never go back in alone.

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I think that you really just need to connect with the house. Regardless if you believe in ghosts or think it's imagination, if you don't feel the home is yours, it will feel spooky. There are people who have lived in homes that believe they are haunted but think the extraterrestrial activity is harmless or welcomes them. Our own home, which is 110 years old felt a little creepy until we had our own things up and decorated.

I would caution against tearing the house down. It would be a huge loss of history for your family and in many cases the materials used are unparalleled today. Most houses you see built today will not last for over 100 years. Plus, if you do believe in ghosts, there are many that say they are as tied to the land. So you could potentially have a new house as filled with ghosts as the old one.

Regardless, I think your real answer is to find a way to love and appreciate the house. Hope it goes well.

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I grew up in a haunted house. No doubt about it in my mind, or the minds of much of my family.

My Grandparents (Mom's parents) would NEVER stay there after dark.

I never felt threatened in the house, but I also never felt alone.

Oddly enough, my current home is completely and totally devoid of any presences. It's almost lonely.

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Here's an excellent website I think you would like. She also has s funny video about a haunted house. Spend some time there. It is an excellent site even if you have no interest in WI, MN or FL homes. I had frequented the site almost since it was established and never felt the need to click on the haunted house category until recently.

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Would help of I posted the link wouldn't it.

Here is a link that might be useful: Historic Homes of Minnesota

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Krycek- Was anything valuable stored in the basement? Was anyone ever trapped down there?

My grandmother lived in a house many years ago (when my mom was little) that had some strange noises. There was no ladder to the attic, but she swore she heard something being dragged around up there. Finally, she got her brother (who was on leave during WWII) to get a ladder for her and there in the middle of the attic was a small trunk. There was dust all around it, but there it was. Inside were some papers that had belonged to the deceased previous owner, who apparently wanted someone to find them. Makes you think :)

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Lavender, that's so interesting! I'll have my partner take a look down there next time we're out there. The area where we heard the scraping and all was in a crawl space so it might be gross but who knows.

My partner says that supposedly his Grandpa said there was money hidden in the house somewhere but....who knows!

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My DH is a believer in ghosts, and when we were house hunting years ago we visited an old house. When we visited the upstairs, "half story" space, I can tell you that he felt something he described as cold and dark and unwelcoming; he wanted out of there and there was no way we were going to consider that house.

I didn't feel that "presence", but the house we eventually bought had been in DH's family for years and years. It is almost 100 years old and DH lived there from age 10 to about age 22. He related many childhood anecdotes about growing up there and the house's "ghost". Slamming doors with no one near, objects moving and, like your parter, waking up to a dark figure standing over him.

I was a bit skeptical, but there were some things that occured that convinced me - and even convinced my mom and dad, who were VERY skeptical - that our house had a "ghost". Our old house creaks when people walk through it. At least once, I heard the creaking of footsteps going the length of the upstairs when I was alone in the house. Another time, Dad was visiting and got up one morning every early. He was sitting in the dark in the den and he swears the lights came on - the switch was across the room. During another visit from Mom & Dad, I was upstairs in a 1/2 bath and the door had always had a frozen door knob... I got locked in! They had to remove the door to get me out! And I always felt a bit uneasy going upstairs in the dark. DH swears one evening when he was alone upstairs and deconstructing walls, he was removing nails from boards and tossing them into an empty paint can. He'd toss a nail toward the can and in mid-trajectory it would abruptly change direction, like someone swatted it! Anyhow, the "ghost" in our old home was not scary, it was just present and it let us know it was there.

When we eventually deconstructed the poorly finished "half story" in our house we found a number of personal items under the floorboards and behind the walls. My DMIL actually knew a descendent of one of the original owners of the house. Long story short, we boxed up all the personal effects we found, and returned them to their family. The upstairs is all newly refinished now, and we've not felt nor had any evidence of the "ghost" since the demolition was finished and the items were removed.

OK, so many people won't believe such stories, or will find other plausible explanations. If you do believe in ghosts, my advice is to trust how the house "feels" to you. If you will be comfortable there, living with whatever spirit you might believe is present, then don't worry. If you are uncomfortable, then you'll have to decide what to do, but I always hate to see an old home torn down. Maybe you can make peace with it.

(Sorry my post was so long, but this is a fun topic!)

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Being a new owner of an antique home, I have to admit that the thought of ghosts has crossed my mind. Our home is over 230 years old and I cen't help but think that at least one person has likely died in the home--especially long ago when it was common to die in your home.

Still, I only get warm vibes from our house. If we share the house with a ghost, that is perfectly fine with me, so long as it's a nice ghost. Maybe the ghost could point me in the direction of some valuable artwork or something hidden behind the walls :)

That being said, our first night in the house was a little creepy, haha. Our fire alarm kept going off for no reason at all. The thing is, our bedroom is actually an addition, so it was only built 10 years ago. Figures the creepy activity was in the new part of the house!

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It's interesting, our current house was built in 1910. It's very old, of course, so I expected to at least have "feelings" here about presences or the spiritual "echoes" of previous generations, but nothing!

The house I grew up in was built in the 20's and it never ever had a "bad" feeling but I sometimes didn't necessarily feel "alone". It just felt lived in and that.

Of course above I've written about my next house that I lived in with my partner. Yuck. Definitely wasn't evil, but not good, either.

This house is almost...sterile, I guess. I feel absolutely no presence or spirits here. 0. A large part if it could be that it experienced an extensive rehab (all of the plaster was taken down replaced with drywall, brand new kitchen, reconfigured master suite), so maybe that's it. But I dunno. "Sterile" would definitely be the word I'd use for the presence inside this house. I'm not sure how I feel about it, but it is nice after always being afraid in the other house. I'm not even scared to go in the basement at night.

The people across the street lived in this house for like 35 years so they were able to tell us all kinds of stuff about the house, what it used to be like, who has lived there, etc. Interesting stuff.

But, like I said, it is nice that when I wake up in the middle of the night for a glass of water, etc., I am not scared of shadow people/aliens/unseen beings! It is very relieving, it feels so much better!

Shadow people are the worst. I've never seen one (or any ghost for that matter)but I think my partner has and the idea of them scares me the worst. That and aliens lol. I'm pretty sensitive to the feeling/emotional side of old houses, as far as spirits and other entitities go, but i have absolutely no ability to "see" them, or auras, etc. I guess that's because I'm an INFJ (Introverted intuitive feeling judging) on the Myers Brigg scale and am very sensitive to "emotions" and "intuition" of the world around me.

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Kimkitchy, it's fascinating to me, the story about the wall being torn out and nails deflected from the bucket! I've heard, (as have we all?), of strange things happening when changes are made... Like someone "protesting" - as though it's still their home, and "who do you think YOU are, messing it up"?, lol. (Not saying that you all were!).Those are the tales I hear that send tingles and seem more real than most to me! (None here, if anyone is still around, I guess they know we didn't do the major damage - lol!).

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Maybe off topic, maybe not! Before this house, I was NOT into green as paint color. I'm talking about sage tones, & darker chalkboard shades, etc. After a few years, I painted several rooms - & most recently the stairs & stairwell walls shades of old-school green. I thought I'd just revised my personal taste, probably true reason, but... When my DS knocked something against a piece of door trim, chips came off & the very OLD paint was exposed - an identical match to my "randomly" chosen wall color several years before!
Makes you wonder, are we influenced by someone or something we can't see - without even realizing it? I'd painted 2 rooms in shades of this green, & the stairs & stairwell - perhaps it was someones favorite long ago? It's the last color type I would have chosen before, but now I love it, & when people come into the house it's the 1st thing they notice & rave about. As though it just feels right, somehow?
Or just a coincidence, which seems more likely I suppose.
(Listen to imaginary Twilight Zone music, here...) Lol!

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I'm not sensitive to ghosts, apparently. I've always lived in the country, in very old houses with lots of history. Good energy in them all. My nieces are scared silly to stay here but they were raised in a classic housing track with neighbors on top of each other. They miss the house out the window and all the street lights.

Looking back, situations in my life have affected how I've felt about a house that may not be all good. I think it had more to do with me and my life situation at the time than the house itself.

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My house is definately haunted and they certainly do voice their opinions about restorations.

When we first moved in there were alot of "things" that ran super fast up and down the stairs, my shop vac was constantly turned off, and plants moved around the house as if to protest the renovations and placement of the plants.

I had a plant in a newly purchased decorative pot on a plant stand (all the other plants were in vintage and antique decorative pots) and very late at night we heard a crash - found the plant stand upright, the plant upright and about 3-4 feet away from the stand, but the new decorative pot smashed to bits all over the floor.

My sister in law stayed in the house one night a week after we moved in and in the morning said a woman with blonde hair and a 50's skirt outfit stood watching her all night.

One of the POs said that a man resides on the third floor and many friends are "creeped out" when they go to the third floor, but so far no other evidence of him.

The blonde woman shows up pretty often, shes been seen three times and talks to a number of friends who come here. shes even "warned" us about a bad neighbor.

We have since found out that the blonde woman was a resident of the house in the 50s and was a botanist (I guess she didnt like that new decorative plant pot). She hasnt been protesting any more of the restorations - oddly, the green I chose for the dining room is very similar to the original green it was painted. a "sensitive" friend of our most recently saw her sitting in the sun porch watching a small party we had in the backyard. I think shes happy here.

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My first house in Orange County Ca. Had a ghost. The house was only about 50. One Sunday afternoon I was napping in the master bedroom when I felt something lay down on the bed. I though maybe a cat. I looked, nothing. Sometime later a neighbor asked if I knew there was a ghost in the house. I didn't share my experience with him. He told me a previous owner died while smoking in bed in the master bedroom, and there had been a ghost ever since. He didn't cause a problem, was willing to share and so was I.

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I often look at the old colors that rooms were once painted because previous owners also struggled to choose the right colors for rooms--why not consider their choices? Some choices were garish, but sometimes the oldest few layers of paint can show similar choices to mine.

As for ghosts, while I neither believe nor disbelieve in them, I like to ask myself a few questions when I sense a presence. What exactly did I just hear or feel? Through which senses? At my beloved parents' home, after my mother died, I sometimes "felt" her come out to the living room to check on me late at night just as she would have when alive. I asked my myself--what "input" am I interpreting? It turned out that it was the wood floors shifting, as they would do either underfoot or as the house cooled down at night. That beautiful house always had made some noises with shifts in temperature and humidity--had something to do with how it was built on its lot, with what kinds of wood, laid in what layers at which angles to the joists, and perhaps something about the foundation, or the plaster walls, or how everything was put together plus how the house was exposed to the western sun during the daytime. It wasn't mom's footfall, as much as that would have pleased me--it was the house "settling" at night. It just sounded the same.

I also suspect that certain humans are far more sensitive to the presence of metallic objects (pipes, furnaces, etc), water, and perhaps even some of the other things in houses or on their lots/sites than we realize. Smells, breezes from lousy doors and windows, god knows what all. Our minds have to come up with explanations for our reactions to things we only barely perceive consciously, or perceive but are not conscious of--and the net effect of lots of barely perceived things is "feel", as in the "feel of a house". Any dark, breezy, creaking house would feel rather haunted to me, and any light, open, sunny, strongly built house less so, or at least it ghosts would "feel" more friendly. A sunless but white-painted, fluorescent bulb-lit and uncreaking house, with drywall walls and perhaps the wrong chemicals in it, would feel sterile. (Most people like plaster walls and do not know why exactly, nor even realize that they prefer them. Especially those of us who grew up with them. Drywall somehow looks sterile.)

So if I bought a "haunted" house, I would try increasing the sunniness with skylights, light colored paints, decreasing airflow with storm windows, putting lots and lots of structural supports, to see if maybe the perception of ghosts was caused by aspects of the fabric of the house itself, as was the case at my deceased parents' gorgeous house. (Which had always sounded as though it were inhabited by more than us. But we called it "the house settling".)

It might not be incidental that as folks remodel old houses, the ghosts tend to leave, or at least grow quieter. Add a layer of plywood to your distintegrating bathroom and kitchen subfloors, and you will decrease some of the creaking in the house. Open up small, cramped space or brighten up the rooms and one's mind does not have to be so "on alert" at a subconscious level.

None of which is to discount the blonde woman, or the chest in the attic--nor the man on the bed, the latter of which is an entirely different phenomenon. (Perhaps similar to the incubus phenomenon, but a far sweeter version of it.) I have had that experience--I once distinctly felt my cat jump up onto the bed but she was in fact nowhere to be seen. However, when it occurred, I was sleepy and took comfort in the fact that so long as she was not there, then it was just something else, and I could roll over freely.

To my mind, our belief in ghosts is at the very least a reflection of our recognition that others have trodden here before us. They have indeed done so--we do well to recognize their lives, their choices, their labor, and that aspects of their / our houses caused them joy and hardship just as they now cause us joy and hardship.

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I'm not sure how I feel about hauntings and haunted houses. I personally have never had a compelling enough experience to say yes or no affirmatively. My partner however claims to be much more sensitive to such things (he's native american so who knows?) and he's claimed he's seen shadow people, someone above him when he wakes up in the middle of the night, etc. And it all stopped when we moved. Who knows?

The house naturally feels kind of creepy because of the low ceilings and the scary basement, but I've thought through it, and I'm fairly certain some entity or spiritual residue is there.

Now, see, my thing is aliens...I'm absolutely terrified of aliens! Don't make fun!

And the woods surrounded the old house so I had an irrational fear that aliens would come for us. What scares me most about the aliens is you have no control over them....

For ghosts and spirits I've read that often times all you have to do is have a short conversation with the spirit that they are not welcome in the home, or that they are welcome in the home as long as they don't cause trouble, and the trouble stops/they leave.

As far as I know you can't do that with aliens...they don't care if you don't want them or not...they'll still come and take you!

I know, crazy, and irrational, and yes, I promise I'm not a weirdo, I'm an upstanding member of society! LOL.

Please don't make fun!

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Our house has "people" in it (as I refer to them!) but they are not creepy at all. Our house has a really happy, warm, vibe to it, which is one of the reasons we fell in love with it, and perhaps that's why the "people" don't scare me. All the families who have owned the house before I did lived in the house a long time,especially the family who was there from 1947-1994. They brought the house back from the brink of demolition, made some beautiful and historically sensitive renovations and additions to the house, and even had pictorial about their work on the house in "Better Homes and Gardens" in the 1960s. So, I don't blame them at all for sticking around to make sure that we, the new owners, are taking good care of things! It's silly, but every time I fix or restore something around the house, I like to think that we're making the past owners proud.

They were most active when we first moved in - I'd see flashes of light frequently, and a female voice actually said "bless", loudly and clear as a bell, after I sneezed when I was home alone. Once I made a joke about a certain fan being a fire hazard that would burn the house down, and less than 60 seconds later the fan switched itself off, which it has never done before or since. (I don't make jokes like that anymore!) Only once, I saw a woman sitting up on the guest room bed. Very long dark hair down around her shoulders, wearing a white shirt or maybe a dress, and that's all I saw. She was only there a couple seconds and again, incredibly, she didn't scare me.

"The Exorcist" and creepy TV shows about hauntings always scare the heck out of me, so I am thankful that the "people" in my house are the polite kind that bless me when I sneeze, instead of the creepy kind that stare at me while I sleep or something! The way I see it, they're just people and as long as they don't start doing weird or scary things, then I don't really mind. Sorry if that sounds dumb...I know lots of people don't believe in ghosts and would think what I'm saying is stupid!

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No ghosts in my 100 year old home (yet) but I do have a color story. When I moved in the PO's had skim coated the plaster so the master bedroom was white. I debated for months about what color to paint it. I leaned this way and that, and kept leaning toward a muted grayish blue (although I typically never like blue). Then for the life of me I couldn't find exactly the kind of grayish blue in my mind. I looked at lots and lots of samples, and finally ended up having a paint chip color tweaked by the store until they got it right. I brought the paint home and started to clean out/tape up the room for painting. As I took off the electical outlet cover I found the original color of the room: exactly--and I mean exactly!!--the grayish blue color I had bought!

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Ok, now this in one of those threads that ends up making me sound crazy, but so be it. My great grandfather was a native american, and maybe that is why I am so sensitive, but maternal grandmother wasn't and she was sensitive, too. When I was 11 my parents bought a house that was damaged in a fire. We lived in a mobile home until the renovations were done, but when we moved in things got weird. I felt something in the house and even though others in my family felt something, it was never the kind of stuff I dealt with. We had windows that would not stay open, even with a nail or board holding it open. We had doors that never stayed closed, even when you would put heavy things in front of them. I frequently heard footsteps upstairs and was "pushed" down the stairs once when I was home alone. Broke 3 toes with that deal. Ouch! I spent some time as an exchange student when I was in high school and when I came home my mom switched my bedroom. She put me in the "old" part of the house. I wasn't there 3 months and was desperate to move out. One night I had my blankets ripped off of me and laid on an antique dresser on the opposite side of the room, folded accordian style.

All I can say is that I feel vibes in some homes. I wouldn't live in a house that I feel creeped out in. Most of the time, I don't think spirits can really hurt us, but with that kind of stress, it has to affect our moods and relationships.

Sorry, if I sound crazy.... but I would rather live somewhere I feel "welcome". Just an opinion.

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Krycek- Maybe your ghosts will help keep the aliens away.

Seriously, if you feel protected in a home, I don't think the aliens will be able to get you. I don't think it has anything to do with how far from town you live. If you have cats, keep them with you in the house at night. Cats sense lots of things people don't and will probably be able to sense your ghosts and any possible aliens.

If the house you're talking about is the one that belongs to your partner's family, then the ghosts are going to be happy you are both living in the house and taking care of it. Ghosts probably stay, partially because they're concerned about the house and want to make sure it isn't torn down. If you do fix it up and decide to keep it, I don't think you'll have any problems.

There are many ways to keep positive energy in your home, no matter how old it is. Planting a garden, having animals, sharing happy times with loved ones, I firmly believe these all bring good feelings to a house. Since your partner is native-american, he should have some good ideas, too.

As for aliens, I think you need to stop reading these scary stories. Most aliens are probably friendly, or we would have had a lot more problems by now. Also, aliens are probably scared of the woods around your house, too. The only alien I ever saw hang out in the woods was ET and he was a good guy.

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I'm going to admit it--I believe in ghosts. I worked in a mid-Victorian house museum for years, and heard (and saw) too much to deny the existence of ghosts. The "party line" at the museum was that there were no ghosts, but sometimes an entire tour group would very clearly hear the sound of footsteps crossing a room and going through a wall. The amazing thing was that we later discovered a doorway hidden inside the wall at that very spot!

As for my house, it's not actively haunted, but we were "checked on" when we first moved in. A couple of times, I saw a man sitting in the dining room, and once I awoke to a woman at the foot of the bed. It made sense to me, though, and was not intimidating in any way because I know that the original owner who bought the house in 1929 lived in it until 1999--I would be checking on my house, too, if I had lived there so long!

Nothing has happened since then, except we can tell that the house gets irritated when it's messy or dirty. This is a house that LOVES to be cleaned and tidy.

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Hmm, this turned into a hot post!
I like to tell myself I don't REALLY believe in ghosts, but I'm just not sure. Same with DH... (However, we both decided we weren't going to say so out loud in the house, "just in case", lol - no reason to tempt anyone to prove themselves to us, right?). I admit, also, to getting a bit addicted to "Ghost Hunters" & being "spooked" ;-) a time or 2 by the footage they've gotten. Is it real? I haven't decided, but it sure is fun.

Also, if so many people don't take the possibility seriously, why do some states have disclosure laws regarding suspected spirit activity when selling?

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I thinks if there are really ghosts, we have them and they like us. Throughout our work on the house, there have been times when I just couldn't get something done, after trying for hours, I would just give up. When I returned to the project, I immediately was able to fix it. It was like the ghosts wanted the work done and were helping me along.

We have a 1987 addition at the back of the original house. When sitting in the addition, I often see something moving by in the old part of the house. I never feel ill at ease; in fact, I always feel safe and calm in this house.

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Krycek- I saw in another post you watch a lot of X-files. No wonder you're afraid of aliens! That's a scary show. I had to quit watching Night Stalker, when I was a kid, because it was giving me nightmares!

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I guess I tend to be on the "spirit sensitive" side and have encountered all sorts of activity.

The earliest I remember was when I was 4 or 5, on Christmas Eve at my grandmother's old house. The room seemed full of people rustling and whispering and one woman even sat on the bed and sort of "petted" me. I stormed into the living room where the grownups were and complained that "the people" were keeping me from falling asleep and that they would ruin everything because Santa wouldn't come if I were awake. Of course, the grown-ups chuckled and advised me to go back to bed. It was quiet when I returned and I learned later that Grandmother's house had been the town funeral home and that my room was where the bodies were laid out for viewing. Visitation, indeed!

As a teenager, I saw a young girl in that room with her back to me, who seemed to be unaware I was watching her. Suddenly, and I mean so fast it wasn't human, she whirled around and rushed up to me, glaring and then glided through the closet door. Yikes! Note to self: don't sneak up on ghosts. They don't like being spied upon.

I lived alone in an old apartment with a disagreeable, mischievous spirit. In the sunroom, I would tie all the matchstick blinds the same length and come in the next day to find they had been rolled up and down at different heights, all re-tied. Things were always disappearing and reappearing in other locations, if at all. A friend of mine named the ghost "Lucinda Huggins" to sort of keep things light while I tried to be patient with the tricks and mild hostility I was sensing. I pretty much let Lucinda have the sun room--it got too uncomfortable to hang out in there. One time I did a calligraphy project for a friend's birthday and I left it out to dry overnight before erasing the lines. The next morning, I found that Lucinda had poured ink over the whole project and screwed the lid of the ink bottle back on. Dang! After I left that place, I was chatting with a client and learned she had lived in that same apartment. She looked at me strangely, "So....did you have any encounters with the.... little spirit?"

The next old house I moved to (it would probably be helpful if I didn't keep living in old houses, lol) was full of action, all mostly harmless. There was "someone" in the living room but he/she seemed warm and inviting to me. The most active "The Boot Ghost" who walked up and down the upstairs hall very loudly. Never saw anyone, but it was nerve-wracking when you were alone downstairs wondering if it was the sound of an intruder. Then there was the "Squeezing Ghost" which was like the Old Hag Phenomenon. You'd just about drift to sleep when suddenly you were being hugged tightly by something dark and awful and...knowing. Terrifying. Got me twice and my husband 3 times, one of which he found his feet being lifted.

We moved from there to a 100-year-old house around the corner and I keep my antennae pricked for any presences and there are none. Like kframe19, it feels so odd and lonely! Been here for 7 years and the only strange activity seems to be a ghost cat, which will rub against your legs if you're sitting at a table and jumps on the bed and walks across you. Infrequently I'll see a little cat-sized shadow pass by a doorway. But that's it.

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Alas, I have no spirits in my house, or in any others I've been in to my knowledge...but when I bought my house I found some curtain rods in the attic, a genealogical chart for one of the previous owners, and a suit (pinstripe from the 30s) which fit me like it was made for me--I'm 6'1 and weigh 200lbs. I don't know if that would be called fate or what!
I will always regret not getting my original house built in 1890 or so. I didn't know they had shown it before that, and would have offered right then if they'd mentioned it; the owners were the elderly children of the original owner, and NOTHING had been changed in that house since day one! It even had tassels hiding the chains for the light fixtures!
The annoying part is I can walk by it any time since I live one block down and one west of that house!

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Something I've given a lot of thought to reading mostly the kitchen and bathroom forums.... there has been ONE remodel showing an orb. I would have expected lots. Are any of you finding "rain spots" in your photos? If you aren't familiar with orbs just do a google.

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Well first ,I read books about people hearing soldiers in thier attics,If yuou have a metal roof its the roof expanding,we heard it the first week we moved in.
Now our home is 1700 were near the battlefield.Things happened a lot when we first moved in ,not so much now.
My jr dogs look at my open stairs and they stare,I look but never see anything.
When we first moved in my daughter and I were in the basement .It sounded like someone came in walked through the house.I said oh it must be dad I better see if he needs something.I went up no one, doors were locked.
About 2 weeks later my son was in the basement with 2 labs he said it sounded like siomeone ran through the house.The dogs ran up the steps barking.He opened the door the dogs went nuts.Door was locked.No one was here.
I think I may have seen what looked like the top of an elderly woman once but hubby says I was dreaming.It was in the middle of the night I could see back into back bedroom.They say sometimes you only see the top half.If I close my eyes I can see her.dream???They say listen to your instincts its usually right.

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I like to think I was in a house that had a poltergeist. The town was settled in the 1680s; the house, built in the 17th century, originally had been a small bank house, with a large and deep walk-in fireplace in one of the rooms on the lower level. The fireplace mantel was an enormous beam, and there were various items on it: I recall there was an old lantern, and there was also a rectangular piece of wood onto which someone who'd owned (and badly renovated) the house in the 1950s had attached one of the original door handles and latch. This thing was propped against the stone of the fireplace, as it had been for all the many months I'd ever visited this house. I was in the house alone one night, upstairs. It was a perfectly calm night, not a trace of wind. I heard a loud crash from the room below me. When I went down to check, I saw that the piece of wood was inside the fireplace, almost to the very back. Even assuming it could somehow have suddenly fallen off the mantel, I could not figure out how it could have landed where it did.

We took the wood, with the hardware, when we moved. Now, years later, we still have it. In fact, it's on a small picture stand here in my office. In all the places it went and with all the many ways it was displayed, that was the only time it...got thrown?

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Krycek1984 said, "I'm pretty sensitive to the feeling/emotional side of old houses, as far as spirits and other entitities go, but i have absolutely no ability to "see" them, or auras, etc. I guess that's because I'm an INFJ (Introverted intuitive feeling judging) on the Myers Brigg scale and am very sensitive to "emotions" and "intuition" of the world around me."

Me too!!!

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I've had stuff mysteriously disappearing around my house.... was honestly wondering what was going on.....friends were telling me I had ghosts. Come to find out, my 20 year old was pretty much just helping himself to whatever he needed/wanted at the moment. I think I'd rather it have been a ghost!

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