Bedroom redesign help needed

springrozFebruary 25, 2014

Warning----I am in a designing mood, but I am unable to go shop like I would like. So, I am calling on GW's to please help me. Thank you.

Pictures will follow, this post is just to get everyone warmed up....I need a lot of help!

The room is the former Master BR of this house. The bath was converted to handicap access for my MIL. She has moved, and it is time to convert the room to MINE. The bones:

17X18 room
2 North facing windows
East facing double "french" doors
bath and entry door on west wall.
small gas stove in southeast corner

What is staying..

antique 4 poster bed, full size, mahogany
small armoire, french, antique red
Ralph Lauren 'Jonquil' bed linens (blue and white-Oriental)

The walls are currently SW Softer Tan, with Downy trim, the floors are distressed hickory. I put up some white panels from JCP when she was uncomfortable with the open windows.

The room is currently overrun with my MIL's tchochkies(how DO you spell that??) , so I need to pack all that up, and take down the gallery wall we did for her.

I spent 2 days perusing Oceanna's gallery thread, and still have no real direction, so ANY suggestions are welcomed!! Pictures to follow!!

Thanks, Nancy

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Annie Deighnaugh


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When I feel my house needs 'redesigning' and I don't want to go shopping I just shop my house. Moving things from one room to another often is a good way to bring a fresh look to the rooms.

Once you have cleared the room of everything but the basics then have a look at what you have elsewhere and you might find a direction that feels right. Don't feel you have to finish the room immediately as you might later find something that is perfect for the room either online or when you can get out shopping.

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Well, I THOUGHT I could just buzz over to Photobucket and post some pictures, but, password doesn't work...

Thanks, Annie!!! I was close.

luckygal, I decluttered so much when we moved here 2 years ago, I don't have much to shop!!

When I figure out to which email photobucket sent my password, I will be back with pictures!!


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Nancy, you can now load directly from your computer, too. When you open the message to write it, it says browse on a button at the top of message and it will take you to the photos on your computer, you can select and post. The prob is you can only do one per message, but just keep going until you have them all in the thread.

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