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collageAugust 27, 2009

I wasn't really sure where to post this but, if organization involves keeping things where they go, this may be the right place! I have two sofas on hardwood that slide around. I tried buying a rubber-y type product that comes in small sheets that you cut at Bed Bath and Beyond which I put under each of the legs but the sofas still slide. Unfortunately my area rug is small and it's not an option to anchor the sofas using it. Has anyone come across something that will keep sofas from sliding on hardwood floor? My apologies if I've posted this in the wrong forum.

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You can get non-slip "coasters" at Lowe's etc.

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Thank you for the suggestion. I should have mentioned that the couches are contemporary and sit on narrow legs--the "coasters" I'm visualizing would be quite visible. Have you seen them and am I correct? I was trying to find something that would adhere to the bottom of each of the 1" x 1" legs. Again, thank you.

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The problem is that all of those devices just work by friction. The larger the surface area of the rubber piece, the greater the friction and the less the couch will slide. If you just put a tiny piece of rubber on the bottom, you don't get much friction and the couch still slides.

Did you mop under the couch before you put on the rubber? If not, you should try. Any little bit of dust between the wood and the rubber will make is slide more.

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Well then, maybe you can put them under the back legs only....

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Have you thought of the damage those narrow little legs sliding around is doing to your hardwood floors. I think I'd rather have bigger coasters than have my hardwood ruined

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I was side-tracked for awhile but am back on track. Wanted to thank everyone who responded. I ended up buying the non-slide coasters which did the trick! I just put the coasters under the back legs of the couches and they're staying in place. One couch is against a wall so they're not seen; the other couch 'floats' in the middle of the room but the sight of the coasters (found a similar color to the hardwood) is still preferable to having the couch move around. Again, thank you for the help!

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Glad something worked before your floors were damaged.

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i would say that if you find it a problem that you start saving for a larger area rug..that will go under the pieces of the furniture..otherwise you will be ruining those floors eventually with the furniture sliding..and it could be dangerous too

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