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ksb1August 5, 2007

I'm not sure if I'm in the right forum. Let me know if you think this belongs somewhere else.

I am organizing my study, i.e. dumping room. I was about ready to contact Mission Organization to be featured on their show but thought that would be slightly embarrassing :) The closet door drives me insane. First of all, it keeps sliding off the little things that are anchored to the ground. You cannot access more than 2 feet at a time so I have to juggle boxes around to get to things that are not directly in front of the access. Worst part is, the middle door (there are three overlapping doors) doesn't have a knob/indentation, so I have to push it open from either end, find a gap, then slide it open. Needless to say, I am ready to replace it!

It's a wide closet (around 8 feet) so I would like to keep all my plastic drawer organizers in it. Has anyone replaced closet doors or do you like the ones you have? I don't want to spend TOO much but mainly need something that makes everything easy to access.

Any suggestions would be appreciated! Thanks.

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Have you thought about just putting in a shelving system and going without doors? If you're "moving boxes around" to access things it sounds like replacing the crooked doors won't solve the entire problem. Do you USE all the stuff stashed in that closet? Maybe pairing down things would help. Can some of the things you do use, but do not need to access on a daily or weekly basis be stored elsewhere like in an attic or basement?

If you are looking for an easy and inexpensive covering for the 8' closet try a curtain.

Here is a link that might be useful: Grommet Curtain

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I would like to place a curse on all the home builders that build a closet that is wider than the doors, leaving all that hard to get to space at each end. What is up with that anyway?

I think it must be the same group that instructs whomever to install the toilet paper holder (with the big rolls) so low in the stall you can barely reach it. Make me save paper? Makes me want to waste it just to show them!

I would go with the curtain or look at bifold doors.


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I love the look of those panels!! I was thinking of going with something solid since we all have dust allergies and I live in an earthquake zone so I prefer to have something solid for things to fall on, if it happens.

I'm going through a major sorting now, so the stuff in here is stuff I need to access (lots of papers, too) so the attic isn't an option (not that we store anything there - it's pretty icky with all those spiders :)).

Barbara, I hear you on the closets with dead space!! Our linen closet has a full three feet of hard to access space on each side, so I tend to stuff things in the ends (things we don't access reguarly). I was even thinking of (some day...) expanding the opening, but I have a feeling it'll cost a lot of money. What on earth were they thinking???? For that matter, a number of our closets have this problem, to a lesser extent. If anyone has ideas on how to deal with it, I would be glad to hear them!

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I like that dead space on either side of a closet opening. In my laundry closet I have a couple of large hooks screwed to the inside closet trim. That's where I always hang my purse. It's handy, but out of sight. (No one's still putting her germy purse on any food preparation surfaces I hope.) On the other side of the same closet that space is perfect for hanging a broom, swiffer, and mop. We have a line of cup hooks inside one closet's trim where marked keys are hung, individually. I hang jewelry to one side of the bedroom closet door, and gift wraps in another one of these spaces. If you think about it, you'll find some clever ways to utilize this prime real estate. Extra paper products, stacked up? Out of season, boxed shoes? Emergency preparedness stash? Extra pillows for guests?

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I hate the dead space. We had the same problem in two closets. We expanded the opening in the master for about $300 but we did the work ourselves. (GC's wouldn't even bother to quote such a small project, which was frustrating.)

We gutted the other closet and put in new shelving so that we used the sidewalls where the dead space was. (Kinda looks like a U now, with the side shelves facing inward.) We bought side shelves that are almost as deep as the return walls. We put big bulky stuff at the back of these shelves and daily use items in front of them.

Good luck! Keep us posted on what you end up doing. Why don't they realize every inch of a closet is important...

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Posted by ksb1: If anyone has ideas on how to deal with it, I would be glad to hear them!

All the closets in my home have regular hinged doors on them with 3 or 4 feet of space on each side of the inside that makes it hard to access things. What I did in each of them was to get two spring loaded shower rods in shorter sizes, and put them in on each side going the other way. This makes it a sort of 'step in' closet with clothes hanging on each side. I actually increased my hanging space footage by doing this! I kept the original rod installed even though it is not used for storage, because it is handy for hanging things temporarily like the next day's outfit. I also was able to fit in a low two drawer storage chest right in front of the door of one further increasing stoage space.

This won't work for those wide sliding door type closets of course but I found it to be an ingenious solution for my storage needs.

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Ooops, I see I did not give you the exact link I wanted to. I meant to only show the Ranong Matchstick. I saw them in their store and was was impressed. They are not swingy curtains but rather, are a stiff construction almost like a woven folding screen. They seem to be weighted at the bottom and have a tailored look to them. They are easy to move on the rod.

I was eyeing these up because I was looking to remove a closet door so that the light from the window inside the closet could be taken advantage of without having to leave the door open all the time exposing the closet clutter. I need a "door" that will let light through and shield the closet contents. I did not want to go with a sheer curtain as that looks so unfinished and 'dorm room' or 'hippie pad' like. The door is an odd size so a frosted glass insert door is cost prohibitive. These are on sale right now. I think they are a perfect cover for any type of closet and I can see them working for one of those 8' closets like you describe.

Here is a link that might be useful: Ranong Matchstick Grommet

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We had bi-fold doors on my closet. I have re-organized the space to utilize the walls of the closet so I needed better access as the bi-folds had a 6-8" stack-back.

We took the slide off the track and made the doors fixed doors that swing open. Gives me much better access to the walls. Now I want the louvers cut out and will put either chicken wire or screenwire in its place.

That will force me to keep my closet neat!!!

I'm also making grommet panels for my daughter's home. They removed the closet doors during a re-carpeting project and they would have to be trimmed down. They didn't want to go to that much work and the doors were poor quality so we are putting the grommet panels with tie-backs on the closet. Not quite done with them but so far -- its cute.


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Sounds nice. Post pics when the project is done?

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