Basement closet has stone walls

marie26July 20, 2008

My daughter is living in our basement which is only 7 steps down (we're in a split level). Since we moved into this rental about 5 months ago, we just now are unpacking everything in her room and are almost finished. Today, we purchaed a new bed for her and an entertainment unit for the TV. My problem is that she owns a lot of hang-up type of clothing (that she will go through) but she doesn't have a cupboard down there. The other cupboards are upstairs in my room (not a walk-in) and the 2 other tiny bedrooms and the cupboards in there are really small. DH's and my clothes use up all three cupboards. The hall closet is used for all the coats for all seasons.

There is one cupboard with a rod in the laundry room which is also in the basement. But the back of it is a stone wall. I want to use this for her clothes instead of buying a wardrobe. But will this stone cause problems for the clothes? How can I keep the clothes smelling fresh? Would putting them in fabric wardrobes that hang from the rod solve the problem?

Thank you for your help. Once her room is done, I'm onto the laundry room organization and then the kitchen's.

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There is one cupboard with a rod in the laundry room which is also in the basement.

My MIL lives in a split level and has stored clothing in the basement for literally decades without problem. Her basement is dry as a bone. Some is stored in plastic wardrobe containers and some sit out.

To be safe, I would leave the door to the closet open.

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Should I not be worried about the stone wall in the back of the cupboard?

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Tape a piece of plastic to the stone, using duct tape all the way around, so you get an airtight seal. Leave it for several days

See if moisture comes through.

You can also put some sort of "absorb excess humidity from the air" sort of hanging thing in there.

An incandescent bulb produces heat; that might help dry out the closet of tiny extra moisture.

Also, be sure not to put too many clothes in there--this season's ONLY, and keep them well spaced.

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If the room doesn't have any moisture problems, odd odors, or growth like mold then I don't think you'd have a problem. Like suggested above, you could keep the closet open. That would keep more air flowing around the clothes.

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