Pads under furniture for easier moving

marie26July 20, 2008

I purchased a clearance 2-shelf metal entertainment cabinet that was already put together at Ikea today for $15.00. It is missing the doors (which doesn't matter) and we need to get the shelves and pegs for the holes that are already there.

The bottom has 2 screws on each corner that holds the bottom shelves to the sides. I want the TV to be able to be moved every so often so that it is able to face two different areas in the room. The room has a tiled floor.

Can I use the pads that stick onto the bottom of furniture to make it slide easily? Or should I somehow put wheels instead of the screws that are on the furniture?

Thank you for any input.

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I would think you could use those pads. The challenge will be to put them at the right spots, so that the strongest part of the unit is supporting its weight, and to get them not to come off.

There are the silicone versions, that actually work pretty well.

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Is it a tiled floor with grout lines, or are the tiles butted up tightly against each other? Cuz I'm wondering if the pads would get caught in the grout parts if the pads were the small ones. I have used the silicone furniture sliders with success, but on carpeting, not hard surfaces.
I guess a turntable under the TV won't work?

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