Our first day!!

blackcats13August 10, 2008

Today was the first day working on our new (to us) house, and it was busy!

DH took a small truck we had rented last night to pick up 3 two panel doors (nicely stained, not painted) from an apartment building which I assume is undergoing rehab or something (darn, I should've taken pics of those!) which we got for $90 each. No hardware or frame, but that is really cheap for our area. Then took the truck to a city sponsored event to buy discounted rain barrel and compost bin. He also went to buy some drywall and stuff for the upstairs project.

We had 2 guys come clean out the ducts. They cleaned out INCHES of grime! While they were doing that DH had taken down the chandelier for me and I cleaned all the crystals. The rest of it will have to wait as I need some kind of small brush to get in all the crevices. Then we went to DSDs room and washed the walls in preparation for painting. Unbelievable how dirty they were, though I guess when you considered what the vents looked like, maybe not.

OK, so here's the exciting part. In the upstairs we are taking out 2 small walls (and replacing one slightly different) to open up the stair well a little and make that stairway open into a hall instead of DSD's bedroom. All the walls upstairs are white painted paneling. DH says "I just want to take down one of those panels and see what's behind it". He pulls off cheap baseboard and rips up that strip of carpet - NICE WOOD FLOORS!!! We were pretty sure they were there, but it's so exciting to have that confirmation. Then we had some fun pulling off the panel and kicking in the drywall. Well, he had fun. After waiting months to get a house and do this, I am physically unable. Bad timing.

DSD said this was her most favorite house ever :D All in all it was a great day.

Here is a link that might be useful: A couple of pics from today

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Congratulations on your 'new' house! That wood floor looks like quite a find.

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