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blackcats13July 7, 2009

Just thought I would share my weekend. I got sick (more sick?) of looking at the crappy laminate wood paneling in our small front entry way and decided to get started on painting it. Got the paint, washed the walls and put the primer up on Friday. Saturday morning did a 2nd coat on the areas that needed it and realized the first wall I did was so bad I was going to have to sand and start over. Exhausted and annoyed I decided I'm done for the day since I have to wait awhile for full dry in order to sand.

After a few hours I just can't help myself. There's a small rectangle over the doorway to the stairs that has to be sanded/redone, and I think, well, I wanted to take out that section of the wall anyway and open up the stair well a little. So I spend the next hour working on the paneling and trim until I can pull it off on one side. DH comes home a little later and helps with the other side. Then he hands me the hammer to start on the drywall. A couple chunks fall and I think, that doesn't sound like drywall. I pull off another chunk and see ... lathe. As in lathe and plaster!!! Well, boy did I feel stupid! The entire upstairs is drywall and we just figured (because of some other work that had been done by PO) that this would be too.

I feel soooo bad about ripping into that plaster. But, honestly, I really really do want to open the stairwell up a little, and I probably would've done so even if I'd known, but still ...

Here is a link that might be useful: little rectangle above doorway

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Just goes to show... you never know what you'll find! I scanned through your photos. Have you posted any of the exterior of your home? Just wondering what vintage it is?
Good luck with the paneling re-do. My sister had a wall of paneling in her living room once and she filled in the grooves with drywall mud then put some really nice textured wallpaper over it. It turned out really good.
Thanks for continuing to share your work.

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Hi Kimkitchy! We don't have a lot of pics of the front, but here is one of them. Our block was built in the 1920's sometime.

Wish I could just rip out the paneling, but everything in its own time. I think this entry will look fun when it's done though. With the pink and grey checkerboard tile (can't get the wood underneath redone yet), the walls will be very pale mint green, and I'm going to paint a square of chalkboard paint on the wall and frame it, hang a shelf and put some chalk there. Too bad I don't have kids (other then DSD on weekends)!

I love sharing here. Most people just look at me like I'm crazy when I talk about my 'fun' weekend of painting/construction/what-have-you =D

Anyway, back to work!

Here is a link that might be useful: front of house

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Well, I've done all the demo I can, here's some pics if anyone is curious (bored lol). Sooo glad I have a shop vac! Time to get to painting. Hm, I better wipe down those walls first.

Here is a link that might be useful: Plaster Demo Pics

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Oh, 2 more things. Of course, now I'm thinking about removing that drop ceiling ;)

Is there any value in keeping that lathe? It's rough/thin wood.

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I just love starting projects apparently! This weekend I ripped up a little bit of carpet! Now, I will also say, I don't care if that plaster wall project stays just the way it is for the next 6 months. However, I DESPISE our carpeting (I don't really like carpet to begin with). A light colored berber the PO left, supposedly they had it cleaned, but it's DISGUSTING. And when my back hurts (a lot) I end up laying on the floor. I walk around with shoes on more often then not on because I hate the carpet.

Last week I started thinking about getting a Dyson, refurb from overstock. Then I thought about getting the rug cleaned as well, I'm just that sick of it. And then I thought, I'll end up spending $600 minimum and I'll still hate it. I called mom =D She said, rip it up, if the floor sucks under it, call empire or get some throw rugs. You'll be out the same money and you won't hate it as much. So I started!! It was hard and dirty and frustrating and great! Now I just need some denatured alcohol. Apparently they didn't use drop clothes when painting =P I also got the first coat of paint up in the entry way (I DID use a drop cloth) and decided I will have to paint the trim as well, but I already like the room more. I'm going to have a busy and productive summer!

Mom called a few hours later ... "you know, with your back you maybe shouldn't be doing this". I said, MOM! It's already done! LOL

Here is a link that might be useful: Rug Demo!

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You've been so busy! Checked your exterior photo... I remember your house now. You were so excited when you bought it! Good to see your enthusiasm is still going strong! And, you have wood floors! Good for you. I'm with you as far as not liking carpet and I'm happy to say I don't have a single stitch of it in my old house any more. When we moved in we had lovely 1970's orange shag! If that doesn't put you off carpet nothing will! Keep up the good work!

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The old lath makes great fire starters, don't know if it would have any other good use. I've save a lot from our house and should have enough many years to come. I fill a garbabge can full of busted lath and keep it by the wood pile to bring in during the winter. Husband made a little covered shed to keep it dry.

We've been at this since 2004, and are close to being done. Our house had major structural issues so saving plaster was not an option. Where it was behind paneling, most of the keys had busted off when the paneling was installed anyway (nailed up) - only thing holding it together was many layers of wall paper.


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