Looking for Rubber Bed Garters

chemteacherJuly 8, 2008

I am in search of a specific type of bed garter to keep the sheets on my bed. The ones I have are older and are in need of replacing. They are similar to the elastic ones sold in Walmart but are much larger and the band is actually a round piece of rubber. Has anyone seen these available anywhere? Stores? Online?

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These from the Vermont Country Store are not exactly what you describe, but they do the job you want done...take a look and see if they work for you.

Here is a link that might be useful: Bed garters

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I use those straps, too, and they work great - never come off the sheets nor the sheets off the beds and they last for years. I buy them at K-Mart and JCPenney. Have never seen what I imagine you're looking for.

I have both waterbeds and regular beds and use flat sheets and garters, not fitted sheets, for the bottom sheet on all of them.

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I too, am searching for rubber garters to hold the sheet and mattress cover on my free flow / full wave waterbed mattress. I'm not looking for the kind that the people have suggested here.

These are (were) made especially for waterbeds, and I did have some until I moved and the movers lost some of my things.
The bottom of it is a rather large, flat and rounded piece of rubber, which fits under the corner of the mattress (the mattress serves as a 'weight' on it, thus it does not slip out). There is a longish skinny piece of rubber that comes out from the large, flat rounded piece...up over the corner end of the mattress. You place the long piece UNDER the sheet. The opposite end of the long piece is small and round and a "garter" attachment slips in and/or out of it. You take the little round rubber garter piece (which you remove from the skinny end's hole) and place it "on top" of the sheet, and then feeling with your other hand "under" the sheet, you fasten the little round piece into the circular hole, which is "under" the sheet. (same principle as fastening a stocking into a garter) When it's fastened, the weight of the mattress corner holds the large/flat piece down securely, and the sheets NEVER come off.

I've been sleeping on a full wave waterbed for over 25 years due to my back. I bought these at either Sears or Penneys many years ago. But now they are nowhere to be found and I can't understand why, because it was the best invention ever for full wave waterbed mattresses.

The regular elastic kind or any kind which hooks under the corners (such as the others described above) do NOT work with a full wave mattress. (and there is danger of puncture if they are metal!)

All that can be found on the internet now (from waterbed stores/sites) are the straight-stick wedges, that go in the corners. Those pull out also.
Please let me know if anyone knows where to find these!
My search continues.

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This might help harmonynpeace. As a thirty five year veteran of selling and servicing waterbeds you might try the following hint. Most folks make a common "mistake" when putting on waterbed sheets whether they use fitted or flat sheets. When you pull your hand straight up to get it out from underneath the tucked corner of the sheet and mattress, much of the sheet comes up with it and it is almost certain to become untucked. Instead, be "sneaky" and slide your hand, with palm still open, along the side of the mattress as you pull your hand out. This motion tends to secure the tucked sheet corner even more instead of pulling it out. After you have done this a few times it becomes second nature and in fact you will need to tug pretty hard to remove your sheets for laundering. I hope that this has helped.

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I used to have so much trouble with sheets coming off my bed, especially on my DH's side. Tried those elastics. About a year ago, I bought a new mattress set, they are the thick set that needs "deep pocket" sheets. These sheets, amazingly, stay put!

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I have a couple sets of those exact garters -- bought them years and years ago and I agree -- they're great. I know one set came from either Sears or Penneys, but I haven't seen them lately. I use them on summer sheets. For some reason the flannel winter sheets seem to stay better.

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I've had those same straps for years! The rubber straps kept breaking and I just shortened them by knotting the end. Then they got too short to do any good. My husband had the great idea of replacing the rubber straps with bungee cords. They work well,except for a small bulge where the cord is knotted. I'd love to find new ones.

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I had a set of those, and they were great. They broke over the years, and I have never seen them again.

I tried some made of elastic, and they were not very good.

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I finally found a way to get the sheets to stay on my kids' beds!!! When I bought them flannel sheets for winter, I bought a size too big. I bought King for the Queen bed, and Queen for the Double bed. The bottom sheets are staying on because they go way, way under the matress.

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I found a new type of thing to keep my sheets on my bed and I love them! I found them at Bed,bath and beyond and they are called sheet huggers. They run about $6 for the set and they really keep my sheets on! They look flimsy, but they really work.

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Peggy, what do the sheet huggers looks like? In case there is another brand.

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