joann23456July 20, 2008

I am trying to clear out my office (and it's a mess) in preparation for a family visit. I have people over all the time, so the first floor of the house is in reasonable shape, but not the second.

Anyway, one of the things that has given me agita is the many cables and wires from electronic and computer equipment. I hate to throw them away, but have no use for them.

This afternoon, I happened to be talking to a friend and mentioned this to him, and it turns out that he keeps all this sort of stuff. He, unlike me, has a use for them, though. He takes computer equipment that his business is getting rid of (giving away to employees) and puts together computer systems that he gives to a number of charitable organizations in the area.

I was *so* pleased about this. I've handled these cables a dozen times, at least, unable to toss them but unable to use them.

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Nice! We should all find more perfect solutions like this one.

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I put mine up on freecycle and a guy does that also. Nice to know.

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DD50 - I never thought of this. What a good idea.

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Check your local Craigslist too. There's always someone on ours asking for old computer stuff. Make sure if you give them a computer that the hard drive is removed becuase it's never never completely delete of personal information. There are ways to restore anything deleted.

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Our Goodwill has a store dedicated to computer stuff. They love getting this sort of thing!! I told our IT manager about it, so the company that I work for takes truckloads of equipment to them....

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