Let's list the strangest things we have been saving !i

brugloverZ9July 17, 2008

I was thinking today of some things that are in my garage that we are either saving or haven't gotten rid of yet.

One thing that my DH had my son put in the rafters of the garage are the wheels and lower frame from a long gone portable dishwasher.

Another thing we came across was a large box that we thought was a mirror or a photograph...turns out to be a table leaf...we do not have the table! Yet we still are holding onto the leaf.

How about you...what strange things do you have?

Let's answer more than once...anytime we come up with another funny, please share it so we can all have a laugh!

Who wants to go next ??

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From my aunt's collection of everything she ever owned, a set of large, elaborate, colorful dinner menus from a Caribbean cruise in the early sixties.
A box full of New Yorker cartoons that I have been cutting out since the seventies. I have this idea about making wallpaper for the half bath downstairs....please do not have your copyright lawyers call me...!
A blue and gray felt beanie that my mother had to wear in 1933 as a freshman at the little boarding school we both went to.

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A Mickey Mouse hat from 1980 that one of my kids wore home from DisneyWorld

a scrapbook that I kept in high school (from the late 60's - in it is a wrapped piece of Spearmint gum that my boyfriend (at the time) gave me. I have his name and date on it! LOL

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From my aunt's collection of everything she ever owned, a set of large, elaborate, colorful dinner menus from a Caribbean cruise in the early sixties.

Those sound awesome! If you don't want them, I bet you could ebay them.

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I have records, what do I do with them? Haven't played them in at least 20 years but still have them.

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A box full of leather bags that electronic equipment came in. We don't have the equipment anymore but I can't seem to get rid of the bags. Some of them are from large video cameras while others are just floppy-type bags.

A small wooden box that holds broken knick-knacks.

A mug collection that was started many years ago of places I visited. Then people were giving me them from places they visited. It's in the storage room in a tall, large box. I can't bring myself to get rid of it. I thought of putting my favorites up on the fireplace mantle but the cat seems to climb up there if there's anything sitting on it.

Recently, I did get rid of 8 rolls of calculator tape that I purchased on sale many years ago. The only calculator that I own that feeds paper never worked properly when I tried to put the paper in.

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I agree, old record albums. I have albums from the 60's I no longer play. Also have my two daughters' baby teeth saved in two little boxes.

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I also have loads of 45s and 78 records. (But, I also have a "record player" to play them!! LOL)

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I usually just lurk in this forum. I just love to see what you all are organizing. I was lucky enough to be born with the extra organization gene and I donÂt mean that in a good way. I really think itÂs a curse but I have always been this way just as my mother was. My sister on the other hand couldnÂt organize a drawer if you paid her.

Anyways this made me laugh. Just a few weeks ago I was cleaning out the linen closet and decided the time had finally come to get rid of the Raggedy Ann and Andy and towels. I packed then up and sent them to my daughter with her birthday gift. If I remember correctly I bought them when her father and I bought our first house. It was just before her first birthday. She just turned 46! Boy do I wish they still made towels like that. They still looked brand new and they were used by DD for several years and used again when DGS was little.

I also have the scrap book from the 50Âs and early 60Âs plus the album of wedding pictures from my first husband, her father, and I havenÂt been married to him for almost 40 years. I could give them to her now but when my GS was little he didnÂt want to hear anything about my DH not being his grandpa. He is almost 23 and I think he could handle it now.

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