Space bags for patio chair cushions

quirkyquercusJuly 30, 2006

I've been wanting to bring my patio chair cusions inside when they aren't used but they take up so much space. They are on the uncovered deck and are getting faded, soaked with water etc. Do you think I could put them in space bags? I have never tried them personally so I don't know if they work or not.

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Personally, I have tried space bags twice, and the contents have not stayed compressed. I now use ziplock big bags, they don't compress, but they're cheaper.

For my patio chair cushions, I bought a large garbage can on wheels. It shuts tight and keeps out the moisture and bugs, plus it fits (on it's side) under my deck.


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I have heard people say that foam can break down inside space bags. Then it doesn't fluff back up enough.

My vote would be to find some way to cover them outdoors on the deck.

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good to know. I may get one of those little plastic bench type storage things and store them in that. That would be more convenient anyway.

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I haven't tried the space bags personally, but my DIL did and before she could get them in the closet, her cat found them! I know they are supposed to be sturdy, but apparently not for cat claws! LOL

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I hated my space bags, and I know you cannot use them for really bulky things like sleeping bags and comforters.

I like the bench or garbage can/bag idea much better.

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