Do you have this granite?

Faux68February 19, 2014

If so, what did you do for a backsplash. This is the granite in our new house. The previous owners never put in a backsplash. I thought it would be easy to find something. Everything was either too brown, too gray, or too orange (copper). I don't want anything too dark.

Ideas? What do you if if you have this granite?

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My kitchen.

I am only doing behind the stove. That makes the most sense. Because it is a small area budget is not a big deal. I was thinking of real stone. Also, I love the glass mosaics with stone mixed in. I wanted to do stone all around then a stone glass mixed feature in the stove area.

I hate my sink! I will do that in this project. It is pinkish. My friend, who is a decorator said " that is unfortunate I never thought Koehler would make that color?" Haha

So. My next question is that I want a black sink. Does anyone have experience with black cast iron or black granite? Other sink ideas? I am very rough on my sinks and want something that doesn't scratch.

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Annie Deighnaugh

There is a glass mosaic tile that has the same colors as in your granite...using that as a border or a stripe in a field tile would look really nice.

Hard to tell on line, but I believe it's pomagranate...

For the sink, there's enough gray in the granite, I'd go with stainless. I'm always afraid of the enameled and chipping....

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This is a tough one as I think anything dark might look like a dark hole, but then again you have a lot of light so you might be able to pull it off.
You could do a sheet of stainless steel behind the stove to go with the appliances. If I wanted tile, I think I would do a very light gray or cream glass to keep a lighter feel.

I would get different colors of poster board, fabric, whatever is handy in the colors you are thinking of and tape or lay it against your BS area and see how it looks. Leave each one up for a day or more to see which one appeals to you the most and then shop for tile in that color. You could even paint different sections different colors since you will be covering it up anyway.

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How about something like this, a copper backsplash?

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What about something with these colors? Not sure if you like the smaller tiles, but I'm sure you could find a mix in a larger tile.

Transitional Kitchen by Dallas Kitchen & Bath Designers Kitchen Design Concepts

or this

Contemporary Kitchen by Escondido Kitchen & Bath Designers Design Moe Kitchen & Bath / Heather Moe designer

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Soapstone sink? Stainless steel? (clean stainless steel sinks WITH stainless steel scouring pads). Copper sink if you go with a copper backsplash?

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How about a stainless steel backsplash and sink to go with your appliances?

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This looks like Baltic Brown so try googling Baltic brown granite and backsplashes. Some good ideas will probably come up. This is a small patterned granite so the actual size of your tiles and the grout lines will already produce a pattern so I would go with something simple and tiles that aren't too small. Maybe a subway tile with some variegated characteristics to it including the colours of the counter. Don't forget to take into account your cabinet colours as well.

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My neighbors have this granite. They have a creamy stone tile backsplash--light and simple. I would recommend against trying to match a color in the granite or going with a busy mosaic, especially with the dark cabinets.

They have a white sink, and personally, I don't care for it. With your appliances, black or stainless steel would look fine.

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This looks like the one I have in our powder room. We went with a simple subway tile & then a strip of the granite.. Classic & not too busy..

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Soapstone sink? She wants something that doesn't scratch!!

I like the lighter tile blends that olychick posted.

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We have a similar granite and cabinets. We used Lunada Bay recycled glass, Sumi-e glass and love the rich look. The different colors in the glass (Chuzenji color) pick up all the different colors in the granite.

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Thank you for your advice. I read the comments before I went shopping. I brought home two samples. I like them both. Here is one of them. I would probably install it in this direction if this is the one I choose.

I want it to be a little dramatic--like a mini feature wall. And, I want to push the kitchen into a more modern space yet keeping it traditional.

Modern traditional eclectic should be a design style . . . It is my style anyway.

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junco East Georgia zone 8a

Go on the kitchen forum and read about Silgranite sinks--many, many people love their anthracite color sink. It goes really well with dark granite.

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Tibbrix, I like the stainless in your picture. Do you know what color of grout you used? Also, did you ask the installer to keep the tiles tight together? Can they even do that if I asked? I want very little grout showing. If I went with stainless I don't know if I would use the small squares, subway tile, or a pattern. Any thoughts, anyone? The sales lady kept telling me that it is expensive. It is such a small space I just don't think it is an issue. I did the measurements and I think it would be $500.

Does anyone have any opinion on either of these for cleanup? The glass/stone isn't smooth so that could be an issue. The stainless is, well stainless. Lol.
Joanie, I think I will take your advice and mock it up somehow. I might use some black construction paper and aluminum to get an idea.

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What about penny-round tile? It's classic but you can get it in very modern materials.

Confetti Collection


Home Depot
Splashback Tile Metal Silver Stainless Steel 3-5 Penny Round Tiles

There are also options at The Glass Tile Store

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If you like stainless steel and don't like grout, you may like a solid stainless steel panel. I had one made to my specs by Frigo Designs. It was a few hundred dollars for approx. 3 ft. square. Mine is plain but they have patterned, quilted, etc. It's a nice clean look that wouldn't compete with your granite.

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Were that my kitchen! I took that pic off the Internet for you, just as an example. I would think, though, that with stainless steel tiles, you'd want to use a silvery gray grout. It does also come in sheets of plain stainless, but that might look too industrial or restaurant-y. It comes in a bunch of different patterns.

If you do end up going with stainless for the backsplash, I'd definitely get a stainless steel sink, and you want a heavy gauge stainless for that. A black stone sink of some kind would be okay, but I think a stainless sink would tie it all together. Plus, stainless sinks are so easy to "Maintain". Just clean them with your choice of cleanser and use a stainless steel scouring pad. They come out sparkling and perfect. Plus, with stainless, if you've been cutting onions or garlic, to get the smell off your fingers, all you have to do is give them a quick swipe of the stainless!

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Oh, and I would also recommend getting a single-basin sink. And again, get as heavy a gauge steel as you can afford. Totally worth the extra $$.

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Or, copper backsplash (which would bring out the gold in your granite and give the kitchen a warmer, more rustic look while stainless gives is a cooler, more contemporary look) with a cooper sink. Cooper would be a lot more expensive than stainless.

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If you get the stainless backsplash, don't use the stainless scouring pad on it (or on any of the appliances)! Only in the sink. For the rest, including the backsplash, use the stainless cleaning stuff.

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I've had the black granite type sinks in three homes and love them, they are tough and don't show spots or dirt.

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I'm surprised only one person has mentioned Silgranite sinks.
For durability I'd go with a Silgranite sink in Anthracite.
For pure drama I'd go with copper, and a copper toned or copper backsplash, as it would be absolutely gorgeous!

Here is a link that might be useful: Silgranit

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Thank you! I love the siligranite sink. I will see if the sell them at my tile/granite store.

Tibbrix, why a single basin?

The reason I haven't looked too closely at copper is because I have oil rubbed bronze light fixtures and door levers, etc. I wasn't sure if introducing another metal was too much.

I really like that black and stainless penny tile Geokid posted. Geo, do you know the name of that product?

I have a sample of penny stainless that I didn't take home but they sell. I brought home the bigger board but the penny tile is high on my list. I love the metals because it looks like jewelry for the room.

I have read more about stainless backslashes and they are very easy to care for. Also, I asked the saleswoman if I could try to scratch and stain the samples. I used a knife and really had to press hard to get it to scratch. On a backsplash that will never happen.

After I get your thoughts on copper and mixing metals I will either investigate copper more or order the stainless. I think stainless might reflect light better.

I was considering putting the penny stainless in the great room (open floor plan) in the built in we are doing. It will have a cabinet below and two glass shelves above. I think the tile will give that space a little pop and tie the rooms together. Should I use a different shape in the kitchen?

Also, is stainless/silver on its way out? I have read that brass is making a comeback. I do not want brass anything (had it for 15 years) BUT I don't want to date the space.

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To me, brass coming back would be unfortunate news. Lol.

Whatever you choose, if you stay reasonably conservative with the material, you should be okay. I don't think copper would ever go out. Natural products tend to hold well, i.e.: stone, metals. Bronze would go very nicely with copper. But, copper is very, very expensive, I think you'll find.

Maybe the single-basin sink is just me. I have a double-basin stainless sink and I loathe it. There is just no room to work in it, i.e.; scrubbing pans, washing large things like jelly roll sheets or even waste baskets and such. A single basin sink gives you so much more flexibility and work space, including being able to quickly toss dirty dishes in it to "hide" them at the last minute if need be! I see need for work space for washing, but no need to two basins.They were for when people washed in one basin and rinsed in the other. With dishwashers, I don't' think that even goes on anymore, does it?

anyway, that's just my recommendation. If there's some reason you love your double basin, let me know what it is and maybe I can convince myself to like mine, since I don't be able to change it for a while.

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Deleted the post. I was showing another sample I had. After seeing pictures of it online I do not like it at all. Not a contender.

This post was edited by Faux68 on Thu, Feb 20, 14 at 11:21

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I have a similar granite, although it is a dark green. To be honest, I would not choose it again because I find the dark, shiny granite shows any smears or spots. It is high maintenance in terms of cleaning, but does not require resealing. Here is my backsplash (the cabinets now have knobs, btw). There is a larger deco tile over the range.

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I updated my post with the sources of the pictures. The one I think you liked is from Home Depot.
We are using the first one I posted, the Emser, in our basement bar/kitchen with dark cabinets, butcher block counters, stainless appliances, and antique bronze light fixtures.

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Geokid, I can't wait to see it! Have you started? Do you have any plan pictures that I can see? We are doing our bar. I had my regular cabinet gal draw up plans and I feel she went strongly traditional. I like a push toward modern. Straighter lines and less ornate.

And, thank you for the link.

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Here is a (not so great) pic before a recent party. We originally ordered stacked stone for a backsplash but the lines were too similar to the butcher block lines. We are awaiting the penny tile's arrival.

The open shelf on the upper right is where the microwave will go. The bottom cabinets against the wall are stainless steel and the rest are dark wood. We went with stainless lowers to blend in with the beverage and wine fridges.

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I love it! That is what I am looking for. Can you tell me what the cabinets are? Door style, etc.

That penny tile will look great. I really like the dark cabinets.

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Faux, every single photo of *another* kitchen posted in this thread has lighter cabinets, lighter counters, or both, compared to yours. Even geokid's BB counters are lighter in shade than your dark granite (although I have a similar look in a basement kitchenette that works well in that type of entertainment space). Any of these backsplashes would look very different in your traditional kitchen with dark tones in 3 major elements (cabs, counters and floors). I'm glad you're getting samples and looking at them in your space.

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I have the blanco silgranit sink in the anthracite and I love it. Lots of positive comments on it from guests, and everyone loves how deep it is.

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I'm glad you like it. We are pretty proud of how it has turned out! We did most of the work ourselves (only hired out the rough plumbing and the floor install) and although there are some rookie mistakes, it looks great overall.

Well, the cabinets are actually Ikea. It's a basement, it's a bar, it was on a budget....
The cabinets are well constructed and have a lot of really great features. The three lowers along the wall are all Rubrik stainless steel. All of the others (there's another row of lowers under the second countertop) are Ramsjo black-brown.
The door hardware is Hickory Hardware Metropolis. You can get them at any big box store.
The base drawer handles are Blankett from Ikea. They're great because they are very unobtrusive and don't take up space in the walkway of the bar area. Here they are in use:

The pendants are from Pottery Barn. My husband installed pocket lights in the glass doored cabinets and also a rope light above the cabinets. Again, big box store.

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Very true, peony4. You definitely have to see how they look in your space. I posted the penny tiles simply because we loved them so much we are considering using them in our real kitchen which has similar granite and cabinets as the OP. But everything looks different in everyone's home, so sampling is necessary.

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If you do decide to do a single sheet of stainless, you can find a local fabricator and have one made for little money. I have a 36x36 sheet of ss behind my range, I paid about $50? for it. Ask the local appliance store for a ss fabricator, they know all the inexpensive places. Mine was an Amish guy.

And I'm sort of surprised on one has mentioned the difficulty in removing an undermount sink from granite. From everything I have read, there is a huge chance the counter will crack while prying the two apart. Perhaps, with some luck, there has been some sort of improvement that y'all will be sharing with me!! I need to know, have a friend in desperate need to replace a sink.


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I have that granite in my kitchen. I put in a copper slate backsplash:

I have a Moenstone sink, which is made of a similar material as the Silgranit. I love my sink!

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"Go on the kitchen forum and read about Silgranite sinks--many, many people love their anthracite color sink. It goes really well with dark granite."

Responding to the comment above. When I remodeled my kitchen in my last house I put in a Silgranit Anthrocite Diamond Super Single. To say I loved it is the understatement of the year. That thing rocked!

Here is a link that might be useful: Link to my old sink *sob*

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I found a picture with dark cabinets, flooring, granite, and stainless steel backsplash. What do you think of it?

Dedtired, your backsplash has just enough "sparkle" to make me happy and it is light. My husband normally prefers stone but loves the stainless now. I am going to sleep on it a little more.

Tirriks: I saw that kitchen when I did a search!! You backsplash does have that "jewelry" look that I am hoping for. Very nice.

Kellie, I think that is what I am leaning toward. Thank you for the link. One question is do you prefer having one basin like geokid does?

Peony4: I am trying to keep that in mind. I don't want it to feel like a cave of darkness.

Geokid, you should be proud. I have to get this backslash issue done first and then start researching the cabinets that our cabinet maker suggested. Thank you for sharing your materials. It seems so overwhelming at the moment to even think about it.

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Constance Ann, is this what you have? I haven't been able to find much information on it.

Here is a link that might be useful: Lunada Bay recycled glass, Sumi-e

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Faux, I love that stainless backsplash in the pic! It's different, but it ties in with the appliances. I think it's really great. I would also look at copper as that would really bring out the richness in both your cabinetry and the granite. They're very different, both are great. Personally I'd go with copper because I love rustic over contemporary, but the stainless does give that jewel, contemporary look you want.

And it's just so different, which is really nice! and since you're only doing the area behind the stove, it will totally fit because your stove is stainless.

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