RIP Craigslist

xminionJuly 16, 2013

I sold stuff that was cluttering up the house very quickly on Craigslist for a couple of years. Since about 2012- crickets - absolutely no buyers.

It's like we've all come to the realization we are stuffed with stuff and it's not fun anymore to obtain more stuff. Anybody have any luck with venues other than Ebay or a traditional garage sale in selling items?

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I donate everything and take the tax deduction.

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Sometimes I just throw it out.

A guy in my building sets it on the streetcorner w/ a note that says "free!"

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I just started looking at Craigslist again. What I noticed is how high the prices are. I used to get great deals. I guess it's a sign of the economy; people are hoping to get more because they need more.

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I sell things on Craigslist fairly often in Phoenix and NM.

Must be your area is full of people downsizing.

I'm always careful to have a good description, a couple of good pictures and a reasonable price.

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I still have very good luck with Craigslist in my area. For getting rid of the not so desirable stuff, I advertise it in the Free section and title it curb alert. Within a few hours, the vultures start showing up and the curb is usually empty by the end of the day. My wife and I get some sort of strange amusement from watching people through the window sifting through our junk :)

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I had a deck box that the squirrel insisted on getting into which made it no longer water proof. I put it on the driveway with a free sign...gone in an hour. I did the same yesterday with 2 ladders that were gone when I returned from shopping. I usually take things like that to the Bethesda Gently Used Store, but to big to haul over.

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I guess it depends a lot on your area. I have had some decent success recently selling a few items and giving away (curb alert) some old furniture. I agree that the description and picture can really help. I have also bought a few items and rarely look at listings without pictures. For items like furniture dimensions are critical.

Pricing can also be a reason if you suddenly aren't seeing much traffic - if the price points are changing in your area, maybe you are asking too much.

For other options, you might want to look into if you have any resale shops in your area. (not sure what items you are selling, but clothing in great shape and nice condition furniture are options for resale shops - also kids items)

A friend also recently started a local Facebook group to post items for sale, notices for community events, etc.

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I never buy anything on Craigslist. But I have used the "free" category to give away things. Items I give away are always in good shape. I list it as "curb alert" and stack them at the end of my driveway. Most things are gone within hours.

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Thanks to all that posted. Much appreciated.

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Another curbside, gone by the next day.

I can't stand looking through CL. Highly priced, beat, junk. It's very tiring to try to find something.

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we have several sell it sites locally on Facebook. I've done quite well there... more local for this smalltown girl Craigslist is findin large cities.. but small town ppl have to get creative.. ( such as FB sites)

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Hmm, I still see a lot of action on Craigslist but then again, I'm in Manhattan. I just bought a huge set of Portmeirion Botanic Garden china for a great price, much better than eBay, from someone out on Long Island. And I also see a Pottery Barn desk there, one that I've been eyeing on the site for $500 is $150 used.

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txteddi, how do you find the local FB sites?

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I agree, many things on CL are overpriced. BUT, some are not :-) When I sell on CL, I price to sell. Many things I'll just donate, but if I do list something I would actually like to sell it quickly. I don't understand why people ask so much for their used items, but that's okay. It's still fun to look!

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CL in Mobile, AL is full of waaaay overpriced junk. I have, however, driven over to Pensacola, FL several times and bought high quality second-hand furniture at very reasonable prices. Bought a nice coffee table once from the Biloxi, MS CL, but Pensacola definitely has the nicer items and at more reasonable prices.

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I had some luck on my local Freecycle web site, but some stuff was hard to get rid of, even though I knew there was probably someone out there who might like it. I donate a lot of my stuff to Goodwill, which varies from place to place as to how well run the place is.

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Another option is a Habitat for Humanity Re-Store. They particularly appreciate the things you would need to get rid of in a remodeling; windows, doors, sinks, cabinets, counters. I like donating there more than making the multi-millionaire owner of Goodwill even richer.

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re: Freecycle vs. Craigslist

My brother had some sort of appliance to get rid of--a mini air conditioner, or something like that. Maybe a certain radio.

He put it up on Freecycle. Nobody wanted it.

He thinks it was the fact that he wanted to sell if for money that made it more valuable to the person who wanted it.

So he put it on Craigslist for $40. He sold it within 2 days and had about 5 people call.

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I get buyers, but they want to pay very little.

Just listed something for $300. I'm really hoping to get $250, but if I listed for that, everyone would offer even less. So far, I have two offers. One for $200--30% less than asking, and one for $175. This was for a two year old Maytag washer and dryer, bought new for $900.

I'm negotiating with the guy who offered $200. I came back with $250, and I hope we'll settle for $225.

Also listed something for $40, after listing it for $50 and getting no takers. Someone responded very quickly, offering $20. So 50% off my asking price. This was for a chest, purchased new at $275 four years ago and in very good condition.

So you aren't going to make a lot of money off Craigslist. If you need to sell right away, you have to price things pretty low. If you are willing to wait and to keep renewing the listings, you can probably make a bit more.

I guess my point is that everyone expects huge bargains on Craigslist. You have to list for a little more than you hope to get, and settle for a little less than you wanted to get. If you want more money, a consignment shop might be the way to go. People expect to pay a bit more there.

You know what has good resale value on Craigslist, around here at least? Ikea. I've sold a couple of pieces of Ikea furniture for about a third to half of what they cost me. I think people know Ikea and know what to look for in a used piece and probably feel better with a "brand name" that they trust.

Which is the exact opposite of me. I'd rather get a good, solid, all wood dresser that's 75 years old for $60, than pay the same amount for a used Ikea dresser. But hey, whatever floats your boat.

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I find Craigs List to be hit or miss. A couple of years ago I had great success, people actually came when they said they would, they didn't ask stupid questions when they replied like how much is it when it clearly stated how much it was. This past year I've noticed even when I list free stuff they ask a ton of questions, want pictures (free moving boxes) and they want it to be brand new. I actually had a gal chew me out because I didn't have any wardrobe boxes. I clearly stated boxes, assorted sizes but for some reason she thought I had wardrobe boxes.
I actually created my own facebook group to sell some of my items on and that has been very successful for me.
Good Luck

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