Painting my aluminum siding

kathy77July 2, 2014

I have a 1949 tract ranch house with old white aluminum siding. I don't want to pay to redo the siding, mainly due to cost. The old siding seems to be in good shape, admittedly ugly. My neighbor, on the left in the first photo had their siding painted, and it looks good to me. So that's my plan. The photos are from Google images, caught with my front door open. My door is steel, with the half crescent window, and it's painted robins egg blue.
My neighbor on the left had theirs painted a soft greyish blue. My neighbor on the right has a fake stone exterior, topped off with shingles. I just realized looking at my street, most of the houses have shutters.
What color would you suggest I paint it?
Should I add shutters? There's no room for shutters around the picture window, but I could add them to the bedroom windows. You can see the size and placement of both bedroom windows on my neighbors house to the left.
Any other thoughts?

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Second photo

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Aren't both color and shutters very much matters of personal taste? e.g. I like houses in that style to be yellow and have no idea why. Very light yellow. I can't see the trim clearly but I'm also liking various shades of white to pale cream or gray body with aqua/teal/peacock trim. So don't go by me!

And I don't like fake shutters at all. Does that help? :-)

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Sure, it helps to know I'm ok without shutters. I told the guys who are going to paint it I was thinking of pink, but they said NO to that. LOL.
I'll take a look at pale yellow, thanks.

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There are neighborhoods like yours around me and I drive through them a lot. I do see pink and would agree on NO to that. :-)

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What about Behr Lemon Chiffon?

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