Diamond vibe vs medallion silverline

ardcpFebruary 4, 2014

I'm wondering if anybody has information on the diamond vibe line of cabinetry. We were looking at medallion silver line and a kitchen designer suggested diamond vibe would fit our budget. Does anyone have any experience with the quality of the construction for diamond vibe versus medallion silver line? The only place I've seen them is at Lowe's and the drawers seemed not quite as sturdy as the Schuler at Lowe's which I know is medallion

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Considered both, while clearly different, thought they were very similar in overall quality. The major difference I found was door styles & finishes.

Eventually ruled out Diamond Vibe, and was going with Medallion - until I found Shiloh insets. If ultimately the Shiloh inset does not work for me, I will be going back to Medallion (probably from Menards, due to best pricing).

Good Luck!

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I sell Kemper Echo, which is the same thing as Vibe. The big difference between Echo and "regular" Kemper or Diamond is that there aren't nearly as many possibilities within the lower priced line. Fewer doorstyle. Fewer colors. Fewer combinations. Soft close on doors and drawers isn't standard, it's got to be added. You can't do an integrated door panel on the end, you have to add a 3/4" door panel separately if you want that look, and that interferes with the overall length measurements of the space. There aren't nearly as many modifications, so doing things in it is more difficult, and sometimes, impossible. And the specs are 3/8" vs. 1/2" for the sides.

I have done several kitchens in the line that turned out beautifully. One is currently being installed as a matter of fact. But it does involve more creativity in some cases than a more full featured line. Also, once you start adding in the upgrades, the price starts to rise to the same price as the full featured lines. So, you've got to trim your want list if you're going to fit into the line comfortably. Or else up the budget for the full featured line that has the features you want in the first place.


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Thanks livewireoak! I have designed my new space heavy on drawers and I do want full extension soft close so it may not make sense to do the vibe line

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All Medallion product across the board now has soft close everything....drawers AND doors, including Silverline! Silverline has the same nice factory finish as Medallion Gold and Platinum...but like Echo, you don't have as many choices or modifications to choose from. But for a stock line, they have a nice amount.

Here are a few of the more popular mods:
-39" upper wall cabinets
-Modify height, Modify Width, Modify Depth
-Plybox option
-Wood ends, flush wood ends, beadboard ends, door applied to end.
-Extended stiles and wide stiles
-Extend panel back
-Extend end panel and stile down
-Clipped corners
-Five pc Drawer options
-Invert tall cabinet
-toekick options (recessed, flush, valance)
-toekick drawers

They don't have any solid doors, they are all veneer center panel.

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