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onwalnutJuly 9, 2006

I ordered designs for six closets for my new house from Closetmaid. The designs look really great and I'm so happy they came with a shopping list. There are so many parts that I need to install that I'm afraid not one store will have them all. I don't want to run around from one store to another to complete the list. Does anyone know if the Closetmaid parts can be purchased online?

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Please explain, I am getting ready to do closets. They gave you designs and a shopping list? You put it together yourself?
Maybe the stuff on the list could be obtained elsewhere?

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I'm including a link to the ClosetMaid website. You can design your own closet online or have them design it for you. Either way the plan will come with a list of needed parts.

I've used the system for both myself and clients and have been extremely happy with the results.

ClosetMaid systems can be purchased in the Big Box stores and they should have plenty of parts on hand. If not try both of the stores. The website lists retail locations in your area. You can order online from Lowes but do you want to pay the shipping charges? If you have a local retailer you can take in your list and have them order the parts for you so you'll have them all at once.

Here is a link that might be useful: ClosetMaid

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Lowe's does not carry your brand anymore here in Fayetteville, WV. I need two arms that hook on wire shelves to hold pole for hanging up clothes. Does anyone else that is close to me that carries your brand. Thank You. Jackie Tharp

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