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DeeV78July 19, 2014

I'm so excited that I just had to share (DH doesn't quite share my enthusiasm for these things lol). Was at the Container Store today, and they had two elfa shelving units on display that were on sale at 75% off as-is to make room for new display. One of the displays was for their birch wood finished shelving and drawers, which they had arranged for a 4' mudroom. Turns out I have a nook in my basement with exactly 49" of space between a wall and built-in closet that was in an area to become my son's play area. Instead of buying stand alone storage baskets etc, I now have a beautiful elfa decor system that'll be mounted on the wall.

$1,080 retail price for all the components that I got for $270!!!! Still pricey for shelving/drawers, but considering I would've probably spent $100-$150 on various organizing bins/baskets/containers, a little bit more now gets me something that I can be proud to put on display. (We're moving into the house next week).

A very happy mama here :-)

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What a fabulous deal! Amazing-lucky you! Those store displays are really great. I love Elfa and have three closets, the small sort of "reach-in" type of closet, done in Elfa. When I priced the Home Depot and Lowes store brand equivalents of on-sale Elfa, the prices were close enough to justify the additional expense of the Container Store's Elfa. The finished shelves are beautiful-we chose the platinum color.

How wonderful that you saw a deal that's two good to pass up... Gotta love that!

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WOW - what a deal! Lucky you!

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Love those kinds of deals!

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That's a great deal! And in the future, maybe you'll find that the Elfa system's flexibility will give you a different configuration you need in the future.

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Fabulous! Please update the thread with a photo when you get it all set up.

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