Storing Blankets? HELP!!!

netshoundJuly 9, 2008

I live in a VERY small home on the East coast so blankets...and heavy ones, are a MUST!! All my tiny closets are already taken up for storage, my trunk/coffe table is used as a toy-box and under my bed is already being used for staorage. I've tried those "space bags" they advertise on tv but they are not good for convienence purposes. And to top it off, I don't have an attic and my basement gets damp! Does anyone have any idea's for me on how I can store these type items? I'm at a loss. They are items I do need but don't have any idea where to keep them! Thanks

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How about replacing all the blankets with an electric mattress pad on each bed?

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I still like to be covered up with something. And when I'm on the couch curled up with a good book, I like to have something covering me. I did'nt realize what a pain finding a place for them would be!

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This sounds like perfect candidates for storing between the mattress and box springs. Keep out one to use as a throw, and stash the rest!


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Yep - between the mattress and the box springs. That's what we have been doing for decades!

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I store two in the linen closet and the rest goes in each family members room in their closet. We only need one each tho because I am in FL.

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Do you have a suitcase (or 2)? Where do you keep it? What do you keep IN it? That's a place you could use.

Or, maybe you need to reevaluate the stuff you've got already. If keeping blankets is a priority, maybe some of the stuff already under the bed is really not such a priority to keep?

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Down comforters might be a good alternative. They are, as you know, wonderfully warm without a lot of weight. You can squish a fair amount of air out of them by rolling them up (the vacuum-storage things aren't recommended for down). Make a big pillowcase the same length as the width of the bed out of nice material, store the rolled comforter for that bed in it, and use it as a long bolster behind the pillows.
Storage without having to find extra space inside something, and you or your guests can get at them at will.

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Does anyone know whether the Rubbermaid storage tubs seal well enough to overcome the damp basement?

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We have successfully stored our down comforter and winter clothes in Rubbermaid containters in our damp NJ basement. There is always a danger of flood, though, so everything is up on concrete blocks. HTH.

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