Guest room with no place for hanging clothes...

brugloverZ9July 23, 2008

I am getting my guest room ready for my guest the end of next week. The closet is filled with a dresser and storage. I used to have an over the door rack with hooks for hangers, but since we put on new doors it will not fit and allow the door to close.

I have been searching the internet for hours today trying to find a solution. What I came up with is either purchasing a standing clothes rack or having my guest use the closet in the front hall to hang clothes in. I know these are not the best solutions, but I need something and I need it fast!

Any help you can give me with ideas I would really appreciate. I plan to go to a Bed and Bath shop tomorrow, so if you have an idea...please give it to me asap, thank-you!

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Can you take some things out of the guest closet for a few days?

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Why didn't I think of that!
Problem solved...I went and moved out the Christmas boxes and now have room for my guests clothes!
I had thought of moving out the dresser but that would have been a lot more work.
With my recent purging I found another spot for the Christmas boxes!
Thank you so much for your help, western pa! Another plus, I will not even have to buy something new, which I have no other use for.
I should have come here hours ago!

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You're welcome!

I know... sometimes you just can't see some solutions. Coming here DOES help!

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Rats--I was all set to search for the folding clothes racks that have the bar, etc.

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I'm sorry talley sue...You sound just like me, ready to search for an answer! I did look at the clothes racks for hours yesterday and was ready to go out and look at one this morning! Glad I didn't have to.

Next time I will come here would have saved me hours!

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