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kristin_cJuly 4, 2013

Hello! My family is house shopping in an area (and price range) with a lot of Craftsman-influenced bungalows built in the 1920s. Some of them still have original elements like trim and built-ins, but many of them do not.

I'm not looking to do any period-purist restorations, but should we end up in one of the houses without much remaining Craftsman character I'd like to be able to put some back in. Right now I can identify elements (like built-ins and stair banisters) that are *there* but I'm not so great at seeing where something might have been that was stripped out, or could be added to make it look like it was originally there. To that end, can anyone recommend good resources about Craftsman and/or bungalow interiors -- either specific books, or online sources or blogs?


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Some excellent "analog" sources are the magazine "American Bungalow" and the three Duscherer/Keister books, "The Bungalow", "Inside the Bungalow" and "Outside the Bungalow". I've been out of the bungalow business for several years now, so I'm not up on the on-line options.

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Although Jane Powell has passed away, her books are also wonderful! And they are also filled with tons of pictures.

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Thanks, I'll look for them at the library!

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American Bungalow magazine is another good resource, as well as Old House Journal.

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