Bookcase with Glass Doors

kanuJuly 9, 2007

Can someone reccommend where I can buy a Bookcase with glass doors.

Finish : Cherry or Mahagony

Budget: Size : 5/6 shelves & 12" Deep & 36: Tall

If it is in a retail store that will be great so I can checkout the quality & construction as I intend to put this in the living area.

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I have a question, but don't want to hijack your thread. Do you want glass doors because of dust?

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We have what you are describing, but DH made it in high school. Our is technically a trophy case, so maybe it would help to refer to it as that. I don't much like it for books though because the doors aren't meant to be opened and closed often. I suppose if they had a different handle it'd be easier.

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Costco featured a bookcase with glass doors that was about $500. If you or a friend are a member, try their online resources.

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I did check Costco website. I coul't find any bookcase with doors. Can you tell me which category it is listed under. Better will be a link.

My 5 yr twin girls are crazy for books. Any kind of books they like to page thro' for days looking at the pictures. We have a big collection of art, cooking books that we use once in a while. I want to keep them away from the kids. Hence the doors.

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IKEA has a line of bookcases with doors called Billy. I installed and connected 3 of them together on one wall and I put 6 glass doors. Relatively cheap but look quite nice. I think I paid a total around $600. But it does require assemply (one afternoon for me) and maybe two adults (me, my wife) to raise and line them up.

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