Rosh Hashanah!

dcarch7September 6, 2013

Happy Rosh Hashanah!

Made a few things for the occasion, I think. :-) Not much attempt to be authentic. ïÂÂ

Chopped liver, more like liver pate. I used chicken liver. There is nothing special about the recipe, just schmaltz and gribenes in the mix, in addition to other ingredients. The chopped liver was served on home made puffed rice cookies.


Sosu vide brisket with sauteed figs, glazed carrots and onion. Fig chutney made from the inside of the figs on the brisket.




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Beautiful pictures! I'm sure it tasted amazing!

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Please, please, please tell me how you made the puffed rice cookies.

Chag Sa'meach

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Thanks ssummerville. Of course it tasted great, it had schmaltz and gribenes in the mix :-).

loves2cook4six, here is the technique I developed for the puffed rice cookies.

1. Cook rice in concentrated chicken stock. Make the rice wetter then you normally would.

2. Let rice cool off and sandwich the rice between two layers of thin plastic veggie bags.

3. Use a rolling pin to roll the rice to about two gains of rice thickness in between the sheets of plastic bag.

4. Lift the top plastic sheet off the rice, and put the rice in dehydrator to completely 100% dry the sheet of rice.

5. cut the dried rice to whatever shape you like and deep fry in very hot oil. The rice will quickly puff up into light, crispy and delicious cookies. Great for snacking too.


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dcarch, this is lovely! It's authentic dcarch!

I ended up baking gingerbread for honey cake after 2 Jewish honeycake recipes yielded 2 disasters (the first was cement and the second turned into lava and flooded the oven). My previous attempt at honeycake was 10 years ago and it produced the weirdest bicolor cake because the oil and the coffee divorced each other in the oven.

I've been suspecting for years the oil was the problem, and this year it occurred to me that since I don't keep kosher anyway, I might as well bake gingerbread with butter. It was my first ever gingerbread and it was superb!

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Wintercat, I'll confess that I've never found a honey cake that I like even though I like honey. It always seems to have a bitter taste behind the sweetness. On the other hand, I love gingerbread - (for a sweet and spicy new year perhaps?).

We keep kosher and there are cake recipes that work fine with oil. I suspect that the problem was with the recipes, not the oil.

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Gorgeous! What a lovely mold for the liver. My family would plow into it so fast that it would be a waste, though.

We like "baby beef" liver better for chopped liver. But we'd eat every bit of chicken liver, too.

I have a good honey cake recipe. Only one I think is worth it, actually. It uses sour cream. Now that Tofutti makes a very good parve "sour kream," as I write it on my shopping list and in recipes, it's a good choice for RH. If you want the recipe, let me know.

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Thanks everyone.

The presentation of the liver is in response to a friend who always use the expression, "What am I, Chopped liver?"

Chopped liver does not have to mean less important, or less glamorous.


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Your chopped liver is glamorous, for sure! As are the rest of your rosh treats.

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I've never understood "What am I, Chopped liver?" I mean, chopped liver is something people are GLAD to see, not something they overlook. I think it should be, "What am I, cold oatmeal?"

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Thanks westsider40. Friends who tasted that dish respected chopped liver a lot more.

"---I think it should be, "What am I, cold oatmeal?"---"
LOL! gellchom. Some of my best friends!


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Gellchom, yes, please - I would like to get your honey cake recipe. Because my son and his family are vegetarian (eggs and dairy are fine with them), we are often dairy for holiday meals so I'll be able to use regular sour cream.

Unfortunately - "what am I, chopped liver?" would be appropriate in my family because I'm the only one who likes liver (even amongst the non-vegetarians). Dcarch, I'm impressed by how you got the chopped liver to mold along those little details and then come out cleanly.

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Joining Cloud Swift's request. I'd love to see your recipe, Gellchom. I'll be using real sour cream of course as I'm addicted to it.

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Always looking for unusual molds. That's a beauty. Found a nice vintage cast iron one and used it this summer for cornbreads and clafoutis. When un-molded it makes a little top spiral divot for fruit sauce gravies or liquors.

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That's a gorgeous mold, sleevendog!


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Dcarch - the mold used for the pate - isn't that the silicon mold you made?


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Yes Teresa.

It is incredibly easy to make silicone molds.

Buy food grade silicone casting rubber, find a shape you like. Mix the two parts of silicone and pour over the shape. The next day, you will have a custom mold.

Silicone is non-stick, lasts forever, and can take oven temperature. I have used it for bread, meatloaf, jello, chocolate ---------.


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