Out of date baking powder?

trixietxSeptember 24, 2009

I am making fried pies to freeze and fry as needed for harvest. I have one recipe already bagged and frozen and as I was putting the crust ingredients together for a second batch I noticed that my baking powder went out of date on June, 2009. For 5 cups of flour I add 1 t. baking powder.

Is this going to affect how they taste after they are cooked?

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If it were a year or two out of date, I might be concerned. But I very much doubt that a couple of months is going to cause any problem whatsoever.

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You can proof baking powder to see if it's still good. Just pour about a third of a cup of hot water over a half teaspoon of baking powder in a little bowl. If the baking powder bubbles actively, it's still usable. If not, it should be tossed.

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Oh I am so bad when it comes to using expired baking powder. I have a box that's been expired over a year but it works fine. But again, we live in a very cold and dry environment so yours may be different. I think testing it is s great idea.

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I will proof it and see. I didn't even know you could proof baking powder. I have the dough made for the second batch and have the fruit ready,I will proof it and see.

Thank you.

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I have had BP fail when it was still a couple of months form "old" and have used it successfuly a year past the date...
I now regularly replace it....one failure will make you aware!!
Linda C

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In any event, it's cheap. If you're doing a "project" or anything that requires significant time/effort/expense no sense in risking bad BP.

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