What can I do with these walls?

JermesJuly 7, 2009

We have a four square, prarie style home built in 1925 we are restoring. The construction is brick and mortar. The staircase wall, which is mortar, has crumbling wallpaper placed over the mortar. I would like to remove the wallpaper and either plaster or texture with drywall compound. Which would be best and what other prep work would I need? This is a great site and thanks for everyone's help.


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Hi Mark. That is something like what I would like to do but I would be applying the plaster to mortar walls. Is there a prep I need to do to help the plaster bind to the mortar?

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You can use a product like Weldbond, which was recommended to us through the Old House Forum. It is essentially a glue that you dilute and paint on the wall before you plaster it. We used it to hold new and old plaster together. Pretty easy. I would search the web for patching plaster, which will be similar to what you are doing.

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Thanks Diane. I checked with Sherman Williams yesterday and they have a product called Lockon which you paint on the mortar before applying plaster or drywall compound. I'll check into the Weldbond.

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