if you could have a new closet...

artmomJuly 6, 2005

how would you design it? Mine fell yesterday, all of it,everything, even the drywall cracked. Could not believe it. I decided only half of what "was" in there is going back in. I looked around today and decided on one at Lowes. It has a center set of laminate shelves and two upper rods and a lower rod. Drawers can be added and neat little cubbies. But first we have to replace the drywall, but not until the hurricane passes. UGH!

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mine was done 13 years ago by california closet, If I were doing one today I would make it bigger (ahem, yes) and have the wood look and a full length mirror closer to the dressing area.

Here is a link that might be useful: more views of my closet

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Wonderful closet above -- and we have had California Closet do our small closet in our office/guest room -- worth every penny!

I would be measuring the length of most of shirts and skirts and pants -- very handy to help decide on layout of the new closet! Double height rods to hold two rows of shirts or skirts etc. is great!

Yes -- a full-length mirror is great! And perhaps a better light system too -- maybe one that runs the length of the closet! And paint the inside of the closet is a good white paint too!

Shelves for folded Tshirts and sweaters. More storage of shoes -- I have a small bookcase on my side to hold shoes!

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I would have one big enough to have an ironing board permanently up--even if it were a half-size one. I would have full-length mirror.
I would have a set of hooks on the wall (or inside the door) for belts to hang, one per hook.

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Slots for shoes would be so nice. Built in drawers to hold sweaters. Maybe a built in hamper.

DH wants to eventually expand our master bathroom and closets by adding on to the back of the house. I'm a little afraid that more closet space means a higher likelihood of hanging on to things longer than I need them. It might be a nice problem to have...

We bought a laminate system @ Lowe's for DD's closet because it's small and kind of odd-shaped. Her closet has deep drawers, various rods and shelves. It's nice. We also "opened up" the closet by changing the single door to double doors (this involved cutting into sheetrock and a whole new double frame). It's amazing how much easier it is for her to get to things in her closet now.

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Here's a link to the system I got. I may add a couple of drawers and a top shelf after it's in to see what I need. I have 2 shoe racks that will sit on the floor on either side of the shelves. I WILL get rid of some clothes!!! I'm still hanging onto some really hideous 80's stuff though, it's just too fun to pitch. Make me get rid of the pumps I will never wear again, they're really cute, they're red! LOL

Here is a link that might be useful: closet system

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Try storing all the fun clothes in a large plastic bin -- and stash it somewhere else! Label it -- and stash it where it could be used for Halloween or dress-up parties.

Do the same thing with those cute shoes! Stash them and label them! Then in six months review those options -- and maybe donate them!

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one thing about shoes--they wear out just sitting around--they start to dry out.

I finally pulled out shoes to donate, and the liners were all curled and yucky; instead of looking "only slightly worn" the way they had earlier, they looked crummy.

Either WEAR those red pumps--pick a day to do so, next week, make it an occasion, even if it's just to wear them to work--or let them be cute and red on someone else's feet instead of languishing sadly in your closet until they're so yucky you have to toss them.

I do like the "slots for shoes" idea.

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We just sent our master br and dd's br closet measurements off to Container store last week, after we had a shelf collapse. They came back with some pretty innovative takes on the closets, and we'll probably go ahead and buy from them, with a few tweaks to make it more like we like it.

You measure per the web instructions, submit, and the next day a closet designer calls to clarify, ask questions, etc. Then the next day your design arrives in email, with the list of supplies, etc!

We did the toy room closet that way, last year, except instead of buying from Container Store, we bought from Home Depot, to save a little money, since it was just for toys. But we are in and out of our clothes closets so much, we'll probably just go ahead and spring for the Container Store.

I plan to take even more "before" pictures of our next two closets, for comparison sake.

Here is a link that might be useful: playroom

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I agree with talley sue about the shoes. wear em or ditch em. some else might love them.

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Well, since I don't want to afford 'professional closet places', I took down the shelf above, put in a new 1x3, raised the shelf, raised the closet rods, and put in a new closet rod under the new one in half the closet. (T-shirts/shorts on right side of closet, longer winter stuff on left side of closet.

Added a shelf between the T-shirts/shorts, but can't think of a thing to put there!

All my shoes are sandals, but for one pair of 'dress up' blacks that I might need to wear to funerals.

Gotta love Florida!

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I've got lots of shoes, have had some for years, they haven't rotted. Does it matter that I keep them in boxes, which makes it easier to stack in the closet. I organize them by season. I even keep my boots (most of them) in boxes. I did have one pair of flats go smelly before I ever wore them and the lining of some cowboy boots deteriorated on me after 12 years or so.

I lust for roomy organized closets. I've saved on VCR tape an HGTV special about closets hoping to find a closet designer who can make my dreams come true on a budget! Some of these closets were bigger than my living room, but it's the features of the closets that I want to copy. Drop down bars, pull out valet bars, beautiful facades, a place for everything.

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Hey artmom,
Have you put your closet together? How's it going? My closet is teensy, but the things I've got that I really like are:

** Attic space - used to store off season clothing in suitcases. Mostly that would be the bulky sweaters, coats & boots of winter.
** travelling salesman's racks - racks to hang clothes on wheels. I doubled the depth of my racking in my weensy space. They're also height adjustable.
** slatboard walls - I painted it the same color as my wall color. Got the kind that has the slats in 3" intervals. It gave me floor to ceiling height adjustable shelving & wire baskets to hold shoes, boxes, & socks. The shelving is very sturdy.


Here is a link that might be useful: Our closet space

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Thanks for asking! Your's looks great! Mine turned out well. Everything fits nicely, I got rid of a ton of stuff which I'm sure I'll be missing. The shoes went to DD who's not sure if she can wear them and hasn't been home long enough to try. She's still a little afraid of heels.The cubes in the center between the 2 rods need a little tweaking but the rods are perfect. Shoes are on 2 racks under the pants and a long board across the top is perfect for a winter comforter and my fragile Easter egg collection which had nowhere else to live. I've got an overnight bag and a box of purses on the floor under the long hanging clothes. I even ended up with an empty drawer in my dresser!

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Congratulations on the empty drawer! and the straightened out closet, of course. But the empty drawer is impresive.

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