Help! My husband has overstripped the brick!

lmarksJuly 28, 2009

I absolutely love the look of old brick that's mostly bare but still has a haze of old white paint in its crevices and hollows... as if it's been dusted with sugar. Apparently, my husband disagrees. I returned from a vacation to find his "surprise" for me: he had stripped the brick on two of our fireplaces down to a color that is unspeakably ghastly... it's not even the color of new bricks, it's more like dried blood.

Is there any chance of restoring the patina on these bricks? Can this marriage be saved?

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LOL. I have a friend who loves the look of aged old fences but who has a husband who insists on painting them white and making them look new.

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There are stains made specifically for brick that you can used to change the color/tone of brick. Do an internet search for "brick stain" and you'll find multiple resources


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I would cover the brick with painted wood paneling and a tile or granite surround even if the brick were in perfect condition.

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Thanks Diane! I just found the products you described. Very reassuring!

Macy, the brick I'm talking about is in the interior of the fireplace, plus the hearth and the inner ring of the fireplace surround. There is a wood mantel already. I could cover part of the brick with tile but I don't think it would be in keeping with the rest of the house. There are other FP's here with majolica-tiled fireplace surrounds and hearths, and interior fire boxes of some kind of stamped metal, but they are in the "fancier" rooms.

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Diane, thanks for the tip about brick stains. I'd never heard of it before & it sounds like the perfect solution for a new hearth that needs to blend with a 150 year old house.

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