Where do you store your cookware lids??

pinkcarnationJuly 29, 2006


I just bought new cookware with glass lids and now I don't know what to do with them....the lids. My kitchen is small so I will be hanging most of the pots, but I don't know what to do with the glass lids, so they won't get broken. There is no place on the pot rack for them. Any ideas??

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I bought a plastic lid rack from the dollar store that works very well. I also use this rack for my plasticware lids.

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I keep mine on the pots, so I'm not any help there. When evaluating where to keep them, give some thought to which pans you use constantly. I have two larger pans I use daily, as well as the lids. For my three smaller saucepans, I usually just put a plate over the top. It loads in my dishwasher easier. so don't feel like you have to give space to every lid if you won't be using them.


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I've seen this trick w/ pot racks: can you slide the handle of the lid over the handle of the pot? (in other words, is the handle on the lid a knob, or is it a slot-type handle you could put your fingers through?)

Look at this image--see how she's threaded her lids over the handles of her hanging pots?

I have a skinny drawer I slip them into.

Here is a link that might be useful: someone's pot rack, and how she stores her lids

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Hi all!

marie26, I will have to check out that rack...it might work for me, as I have limited cabinet space.

Gloria, you give me a lot to think about! I DON'T use all my lids so maybe I will just keep the most used ones close and store the others!

tally sue, I wish I could store them that way, but alas, they have knobs, not handles. I wish I could use that type of pot rack too, but my space won't let me. My rack is just a small one on the wall.

It is so frustrating having a small kitchen with little storage space, and a very poorly designed one at that! My goal is to remove anything that isn't used regularly, to a different space in the house!

Thanks ladies!

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Okay this is really weird but I love my set up.

I went to Home Depot and bought a $12 sport rack. It should be a shelf with 8 hooks.

However, I flipped it 90 degrees and mounted the shelf onto the wall. I use the hooks to hang my pots and I set the lids on the part that was originally used to reinforce the hooks to the wall.

It works great, it is trendy. I get asked where I got such a nice rack, I have to sadly admit, it should be holding tennis rackets and baseball mits.

I will try to post a picture.

=), Liddy

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My stove/oven has a sliding drawer under it. I keep lids to the cookware there.

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Lots of great ideas. My husband nailed a piece of cedar across the header of the window. We attached big nails and hung the pots over the window. I got a wooden dish rack and putit on top of the refrigerator and keep the extra lids there.
talley--great idea with the lids over the handle. May try that,

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I am trying to picture that sport rack.....not having any luck! I searched HD online for it but didn't see anything like that. If you could post a pic, it would be great!! Love all the ideas everyone....keep 'em coming.... still not sure what I am doing yet!

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I finally put the lids in a completely different cabinet. I was tired of them falling all over when I was pulling out a pot/pan.

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I store my lids standing up in a coated wire thingy that was designed to hold plates vertically in a cupboard. I can store about 10 lids in it, and it fits in the right side of the tiny cupboard right above the stove.

I didn't have room for a pot rack, so I just bought sturdy (and pretty) double coat hooks at the hardware store and screwed them into the wall next to the stove. Each hook holds two heavy stainless pots/pans.

The few pieces that don't fit are stored in the left side of the cupboard above the stove.

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I use corningware a lot and have them all in a double-doored bottom cabinet. On the wooden doors, I put screws on each side. Then ran heavy fishing line between them with enough slack to slide the covers in. Two covers per door and another on a third door. Could have done two in the third door too but thats where the cuphook holds my potholders.

Also keep metal covers in drawer under stove--pans hang from pegboard elsewhere.

I'd love to see that sportsrack too. Sandy

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I think this is the item Liddy described, but I can't picture exactly how she's using it.

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Here's a pic of a standard lid rack. Mine is made for plates but looks about the same.

They're usually sized well to fit into the smallish upper cabinets above ranges/hoods.

If you have thinner lids, a plate rack might work better than a standard lid rack, because it would have narrower sections that would hold the lids upright better.

Here is a link that might be useful: Standard lid rack

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The link from mcgillicuddy for the standard lid rack looks exactly like the one I purchased at the dollar store.

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I also can't figure out how liddy is using that sports rack--I can figure out how to hang the pots, but the lid thing is beyond me. Unless that's not it.

I know how this one *could* be used: you could "hang" it on the floor of the cabinet (w/ the screw holes you could even fasten it so it won't move around) instead of on the wall.

that makes the little prongs stick straight up, and you stand the lids on their edges between them (like putting plates in the dishwasher).

Since the prongs are SHORT (unlike the ones in the dishwasher), the prongs themsevesl don't interfere w/ the curves of the pot lids.

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Talley Sue,

I'm certain this can't be te sports rack Liddy discribed. I wish she'd revisit this thread and post a pic...

Maria, who is faithfully lurking every day

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