You know you have too much stuff when....

colorcrazyJuly 3, 2011

It seems that at least half the times when I see my GF and she says she needs something, I say "Oh, I have one; you can have it." Actually, this weekend it happened to me TWICE with two different GFs. One is getting two sets of queen sized sheets and the other went home with two huge vacuum seal bags.

Maybe if I socialized more, I'd get my house cleaned faster ;)

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I think you need another GF to give stuff to.

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LOL, Jannie! I kept trying to give stuff to my niece, but she doesn't have much room. Gave a ton of storage stuff to one neighbor when they had to move out of their house for renovations. But with most people, I don't want to embarrass them by offering. If and when they say they need something, that is when I offer mine.

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I'm with ya'! I have outfitted kitchens (pots, pans, tools, dishes, etc) for a neighbor kid and a nephew when each moved away from home and into a dorm or apartment.

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I remember years ago, I had just graduated college and had my first post-college job and a new apartment.

My Mom dug thru her stuff and gave me tons of things to set up housekeeping-dishes, linens,small appliances, etc.Believe it or not, she even had unused linens that had been wedding gifts to her way back. I was very grateful. Colorcrazy, do you know any young people starting out who might take your excess things? If not, try culling your stuff and give escess to salvation army or similar charity?

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You know that you have too much stuff when you've moved twice, and the same boxes are in the basement, still unopened. We obviously don't use the stuff. I wish I was brave enough to just throw the boxes away without taking the time to look through them.

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"You know you have too much stuff when...."
when you have storage locker to keep it in, and you haven't even opened the locker in over four years.

(True story... a friend asked for decluttering help and insists that the contents of said locker are worth keeping, even though she doesn't even know WHAT is in there!. What a waste of $125 a month....)

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Thanks, Jannie. This will be the last of our "excess" sheets. We now have one set of winter and one set of summer sheets, and that is it. The old towels will get cut up for gym towels. DH does the cooking, but most of the excess corningware, etc. went to the thrift store years ago.

Amy, we have a few boxes that stay in the attic closet. We know what is in them, but DH wants to keep his baseball cards and the silverware his great aunt gave him, and I keep thinking I will get back to my crafting.

Luann, at least we do not have a storage locker. I agree that would be awful. I had a friend who kept her mother's stuff in a locker for over ten years, paying the fees every month. She had a huge house but was not "ready" to deal with sorting through her mother's stuff. I am way too pragmatic to create that kind of situation! (My mother would have been appalled if I had wasted $$ like that, so I guess she was equally pragmatic.)

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