1938 Exterior Renovation

skittJuly 2, 2010

We were told we could be eligible for hail damage from a storm last year so we thought "what the heck" and submitted a claim and it was accepted. We're not getting enough to cover what we want to do, but will just pay for the rest out of pocket. We need to make a decision on what we want done right away and I was hoping for some advice.

Our house was built in 1938 and currently has ancient aluminum siding. We want to go with Hardiboard. We can't strip the aluminum down to the old wood siding underneath because the full dormer in the back is not original and I don't want to deal with matching or the upkeep of the wood, and who knows what shape it's in (apologies to any purists). We can't do the roof now because it's in good shape, but when it does eventually need to be re-shingled we won't be going with green :P I'm not a big fan of the green the shutters are now.

I can upload better closeups if necessary. Thanks in advance!

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Lovely, charming house!

What sort of advice are you looking for? Paint colors? Landscaping?

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I guess, I'm not even quite sure, just wondered if anyone had any ideas! I'm thinking we'll go with white siding and light grey/blue trim. Not sure if the shutters should be the light grey or black, or if we should try and paint the front storm door or get a new one. I'd like to put a new light on the front and one on the back too, and need a new awning in the back.

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In addition to the responses from people here (who can probably steer you towards an authentic look), consider cross posting on the Home Decorating forum for another set of opinions.

I can imagine doing all kinds of things - window boxes, painting the window frames a contrasting color, expanding the landscape, etc. I like the aluminum awning - has a retro feel to it, but it's probably not original to the house.

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