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natebear zone 10BJuly 20, 2014

Grainlady, I read your response to "how to keep a bathroom organized for a family of 4" and read that you use a steam cleaner to clean your floors. You seem to be very knowledgable on the subject of cleaning. So, do you mind sharing the make of your steam cleaner?

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natebear, you read my mind. thanks for asking as I was curious as well. I'm uncertain whether steam mops are appropriate for hard wood floors...they seem most practical but not sure if the heat/moisture could damage wood finish.

grainlady, would appreciate you sharing which steam cleaner you use and any experience you can share. Thanks in advance.

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I have three steam cleaners purchased over the years, and one was a gift. I use them to avoid toxic chemicals because they cause me breathing problems. Once you get accustomed to cleaning with steam, you'll find it a really quick solution. No more buckets of nasty mop water to deal with. If you have small children, you can use the steam cleaners to sanitize their toys.

Shark - canister unit with lots of attachments.
We save this for big jobs and use two people - one person to control/move/hold the canister, and the other person to use the nozzle end. Great for steam-cleaning windows, beds, cloth surfaces on furniture, drapes, rugs/carpets. You can steam clothes and get wrinkles out without having to iron them.

Shark Steam Pocket Mop. Quick and easy floor cleaner.

GE Household Steam Cleaner (gift) - small, hand-held
This one is easy to use with an assortment of cleaning accessories that comes with it. It has a handy shoulder strap so you have 2 hands free. Great for bathrooms and hard-to-reach places. You can use this steamer on upholstery, windows/glass/mirrors (a steam window squeegee is included), hard surfaces, toilet, shower, tile/grout, sinks and faucets.

I have been using these units for 8-12 years.

Helpful hints:
-I use a cloth towel to mop of any wet corners, or drips.

-ALWAYS use distilled water in the units to keep them from plugging from minerals in regular tap water. Using hard water will shorten the life of your steam cleaner.

-Never use steam to clean unfinished wood. It will open and raise the wood grain. Check with any manufacturer of flooring before using a steam cleaning on the surface - especially if it is still under warranty.

-Read the use and care instructions of any steam cleaner before purchasing it (most are available on-line). See if there are any videos available on-line so you can see how they can be used.

-Get a couple extra mop cleaning pads. These microfiber cleaning pads need special care like you would any microfiber towel. The manufacturer change the models often enough, at some point you might not be able to find more mops. I have made some of my own mop cleaning pads with terry cloth.

Do your homework. These were the brands available locally, and the only ones I have used, so I can't speak to other brands. I just know they clean very well and I don't have to wear a breathing mask to avoid the chemical fumes to clean my home. :-)


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