Could use some uses for cookie tins with lids...

brugloverZ9July 25, 2008

...before I toss them. I have a number of them and use quite a few at Christmas time for cookies my DD and I bake each year. But found extras. Thought I would look for ideas for ways to use them before I toss them or give them away.

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When my kids were small I use to use them for crayons, pencils, hair supplies, pony tails, etc.

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They make great gift wrappings. If their decoration doesn't fit the occasion there's always spray paint.

Screw the bottoms into a wall (the stud preferably) with two screws so they won't turn and use them for storing season packettes or other small items in your pantry.

If you have a number of them the same size you can make one of those funny looking footstools that coffee cans used to be used to make.

Store Leggos or other small toy parts in them.

Fill them with sand and cover the outside with fabric and use them as a doorstop.

Use one to hold a first aide kit in to keep at home or in your vehicle.

If you have a very pretty one you can add cabinet knobs for feet to the bottoms and one to the center of the top for a handle. If it's not so pretty you can cover it with fabric and trim to make it pretty.

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Thank you dd50 and justgotabme ! So many good ideas, I am glad I held onto them.

jgbm...tell me more about the footstool if you can also I like your idea about spraying them or covering with fabric.

I have a very large can from works out great to store my birdseeds in outdoors!

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My DH used one to make an air filter for the riding lawn mower he turned into a model sailplane winch, but I guess that's not what you had in mind. LOL

Here is a link that might be useful:

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First I want to add a kudo's to iread's hubby's inovative use for a cookie tin! Amazing!

Funny how I thought you'd think that was the dumbest idea I had and debated whether to add it or not. I found a picture of a fancier one than I'd ever seen in person that I found on etsy so you have an idea what they look like when you read the article that had no pictures. I thought for sure I'd find some crafty website that offered detailed instructions with pictures, but I had no such luck.

Here is a link that might be useful: Coffee can footstool article.

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WOW...jgbm...I never would have pictured it like that! Cute! I will check out the article also.

iread...don't think I would have a use for one like that, but who knows DH might! I can suggest it if he ever needs an air filter! He'll think I am soooo bright! The things I learn on this forum! Thank you both!

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Isn't that just the cutest thing? The ones I've seen are quite different though the main idea the same using seven coffee cans. One in the middle with six around it like a flower.

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I've seen people use them to display family photos (unfortunately I don't have a picture to contribute). Basically, they take family photos, copy them (color or B&W), then adhere the photos to the tin lids with spray adhesive. The screw the base of the tins to the wall and securely attach the photo lids. It was a very cute, innovative way to use the tins (and old gift boxes) to showcase photos of family and friends.

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