organization in a sewing room

talley_sue_nycJuly 20, 2008

A lexicographer I know of has a word blog, which I read (though she doesn't update often).

She is an avid sewer, and has a sewing blog, which she updates very frequently.

She posted a bit ago about organizing her sewing room. She's not done, but she had some neat progress, and a couple of interesting ideas.

(I esp. liked her CD tower-turned-storage rack. I wish I knew what she used for the "drawers," and her family needs to buy her a P-touch labeler for Christmas)

And one of her readers discovered, as I did, that you can put patterns in comic-book boxes (I hadn't thought of the bags, though)

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One of these days I'm going to redo my laundry room and make space for my sewing machine. Seeing the comic box idea and thinking of the larger size of vintage patterns (and any pattern that has been unfolded and doesn't fit in its original envelop very well any more!) I think I would like a drawer where plastic bagged patterns could be *filed*.

I'm giving this room a lot of thought because even though its one of the smallest in the house, its one of the busiest - important activities take place there daily (well, they would if it were organized).

I dream of fitting it out like a yacht or a motor home. Super efficient! A few IKEA cabinet, similar to the ones I have a few steps away in the kitchen would keep sewing, laundry, and pantry overflow neat and tidy. Maybe next year . . .

I enjoyed the Dress a Day website  thanks for sharing, Tally Sue.


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