Tile (backsplash) installation questions

tinanFebruary 25, 2013

Next weekend I plan to install the last part of my kitchen facelift - the backsplash tile. I'll be using white subway tile, and I've never installed tile before but have done flooring etc.

My main concern is regarding the cut tiles for the edges at 4 spots - either side of the doorway to the kitchen (it is a self contained room) and either side of the "window" tot he dining room.

Here is the area behind the range I plant to extend the backsplash continuing the bottom line from the countertop and going all the way up tot he range hood - but the visible edge will be right along the doorway.

Then the backsplash will continue on the other side of the doorway where there are no cabinets, and then become interrupted by the window. The window is easier because it is framed so the cut edges will be disguised. But at the doorway there is no frame, so the edges of the tile area will be visible.

I will be using the staggered brick pattern so I will need to cut lots of half-tiles to start the stagger. I thought I should start the half-tile stagger on either side of the door where it will show most. Also when I use cut tiles, do I orient the cut edge in towards the other tiles so the cut edge is covered by grout?

I don't want to do border/trim tiles I want it to just end at the doorway.

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If the tiles have a nice-looking edge, you could start at the doorway with a border of stacked tiles, then switch to the brick pattern after the first tile.

Another way of doing it is to just make sure that the cut tiles are laid with the factory edge closest to the door in that spot.

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lazygardens, your second description is what I'd planned, but just wondering if it was OK to have the cut edge as a grout like up against the next tile (ie will it protrude too much)? The tile is pretty flat in profile so I am hoping that the small difference in thickness at the edge where cut would be disguised by grout.

Bullnose edge tiles are not available to match.

I want it to look pretty seamless, don't want a stacked border that will break up the look too much especially since there are 2 major breaks for the doorway and for the window.

Any other random tile DIY tips would also be appreciated :)

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Just get a Schluter edge from one of the box stores to finish it off. You can get white to match the tiles or a stainless if you prefer. It's pretty invisible and covers the cut edge as well as the edge that isn't glazed.

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