Excited but a bit overwhelmed!

laurmelaJuly 1, 2008

The time has come for me to declutter and organize the garage.

It used to house a car! But....

4 years ago we had laminate floors put down throughout the whole downstairs. I told DH at the time, nothing goes back unless there is a place for it. A year later we remodeled the kitchen, same rule applied. Then grandparents passed away and we inherited the 'heirlooms'! Now I have no room for a car much less walking from one end to the other!

So next week I am finally getting my new windows installed, Yeah! But there is one in the garage, and we can't get to it! Hence the time to organize!

I want to put up some of the overhead storage shelves to house the Christmas decorations, since they are only used once a year. That will get rid of one shelving unit. Then put some cabinets on the wall where that unit was to house the kitchen items that never made it back into the kitchen, crock pot, bread maker, serving platters, etc.

So I am a little overwhelmed with the process. I know I need to get storage bins, a labeler, a large trash bin and just dig in.

Sorry for rambling, I figured you all would understand.

I think this is a next week project, so I will post pics and details along the way.



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Good luck with your project. We did ours last Labor Day (which was a long, hard 3 day + project) and it's added much calm and serenity to my life. Adding those organizing systems (and getting rid of what we didn't use) was the key for my garage. I'll look forward to hearing about your progress.

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Way to go!

Just think... you might get a car in there soon.

Don't get discouraged a few hours into it... and keep us posted on your progress.

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I have to do mine also. I do get my car in there but once upon a time we had two in there. I have been looking for shelving and can't seem to find good sturdy ones for the garage that aren't under $100.

Good luck. I think the hardest part is just starting.

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Sounds like a good idea, Laura! I've been slowly decluttering the garage...finding lots of stuff we put in there after our kitchen renovation. But I have a question. Does anyone have one of those stands that is supposed to hold garden tools, etc.? I've only seen those made of plastic, and I wondered if the whole thing would fall over if it got too heavy on one side? It sounds convenient, but I hesitate - some of those tools are long and heavy.

We have just half a garage, with NO room for a car, but it makes a good tool shed!

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We've been using our garage for storage since we moved in in 1981. Very inspirational post-I hope to put my car in the garage by Labor Day. Every day I will remove something from the garage. Today it was extra jumbo packages of toilet paper and paper towels. They belong inside where we use them.

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Does anyone have one of those stands that is supposed to hold garden tools, etc.?

I use a plastic trash can to store my long handled garden tools - rakes, shovels, etc.

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Yes, I have a small one made of metal that you can stick the handles into. I'm still using it for just a few items now, but found putting most of our hand tools on the wall was much easier for me to access. Obviously, we have too many tools, and they were starting to create a hazard when you pulled one out of the square metal caddy. (I thought it was great though, before we added to our tool supply.) Loaded, it got too heavy, and the heads of things like the dirt/garden rake were too big and awkward to pull out of the mix with everything else, as they fanned out into a large space. I found I actually prefer everything being flat against the wall, as the space it uses seems more efficient as it's all easy to see and grab. It helps that nothing is in the way of anything else.

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Thanks all! I am going to get my labeler this weekend! My neighbor that makes kitchen cabinets was going to install some today. I asked him if the old ones were still in good shape if I could have them for the garage! I know I am getting the cart before the horse, but some times you have to do that!

More motivation to start! We are demoing the hall bath this weekend so they can start tiling next week. Then I will attack the garage. Labeler in hand. Just need to find a sale on lots of plastic bins!

We are using an old hamper, wooden, to store our garden tools!


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Often Home Depot or Costco has the plastic bins on sale...I have boought dozens of them over time. I really like them for storage and I am with you, you know you are going to need cabinet space and plastic bins...so may as well start with those. The labeler will be great to have too.
Best wishes on your bathroom too. There is alot of good info. over on the bathroom forum too!

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